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Customer service is a performance art. Are you Oscar-worthy?

Bill Quiseng

QUI QUESTION: Customer service is a performance art. We, as customer service professionals, act to be happy to serve our customers so much so that they believe we are genuinely happy to serve. What matters is if our customers believe we are genuine. Are you Oscar-worthy? It is never about the actors.

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Customer Expectations: The Complete Guide


Companies place a great deal of importance on meeting customer expectations. According to Forrester, nearly 95% of leaders say that providing a good customer experience is a top strategic priority, and 75% want to use customer experience as a competitive advantage. And that means no repeating themselves and their problem.


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How to measure customer service training

Inside Customer Service

You've sent your team through customer service training. I've repeatedly used them to demonstrate the impact of customer service training to executives. Why evaluate customer service training? Step 1: Identify expectations Start by meeting with the person who asked for the customer service training.

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101 customer service stats you need to know


Customer expectations are always evolving. It’s up to businesses and brands to understand those expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Three tips for delivering great omnichannel customer service


As customer expectations shift, more and more expect a seamless experience across channels. Organizations need to deliver omnichannel customer service.

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5 strategies for managing customer expectations


A company's ability to provide an ideal B2B customer support experience is only capable of going as far as it can meet customer expectations. To this end, a ticketing management system, or the team behind it, needs to also manage customer expectations. Understand your customers. Openly discuss solutions.

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The Secret Ingredient to Outstanding Customer Service

Shaun Belding

How you manage customer expectations is a critical component to delivering outstanding customer experiences. When you can meet or exceed someone's expectations you trigger trust and the belief that you genuinely care about your customers. Shaun Belding |