Sun.Oct 17, 2021

Visionary Companies: One Part Vision, Many Parts Alignment


A couple months ago, I wrote about the difference between consensus and alignment and why that’s important to know. Back then I wrote: Tags: Annette Franz (Gleneicki) alignment customer experience culture leadership Facebook Like. Linkedin Share Button. Tweet Widget

The Right Kind of Books are Honest

Conversation Agent

“The Conscious Leader flows effortlessly between the masculine to the feminine,” says Rúna Bouius. Jonathan Cook adds: “. and in flowing between masculine and feminine, trades in the territory between, discovering dimensions of identity that are neither and both. The flow is the thing.


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7 Ways to Keep the Customer Top of Mind


“How do you keep the customer top of mind when everybody is working remotely right now?” This was the question that Ben Motteram and I tackled on one of our recent calls. The following is a transcript of the call.

Disrespectful Behaviors That Ruin Leadership, Teamwork & Customer Experience

Kate Nasser

These disrespectful behaviors ruin leadership, teamwork, customer experience! Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale. The post Disrespectful Behaviors That Ruin Leadership, Teamwork & Customer Experience appeared first on

How to Work with Your Customer Success Team to Create a Great Product Feedback Experience

Speaker: Rebecca Notté, Product Operations Manager and Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing at Pendo

In this session, Hannah Chaplin and Rebecca Notté will detail the challenges of managing feedback between product and customer success teams and share their best practices on how to combat these challenges.

What is Sentiment Analysis? Application of Sentiment Analysis

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What is Sentiment Analysis? Sentiment analysis can be defined as analyzing the positive or negative sentiment of the customer in text. The contextual analysis of identifying information helps businesses understand their customers’ social sentiment by monitoring online conversations.

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How to Measure Customer Retention Using Cohort Analysis?

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Image by Stories Cohort analysis is a metric that can be used to measure customer retention and analyze the success of customer acquisition strategies. This article will provide an overview of this metric, and show you how to apply it in your own business. What are the 2 types of cohort analysis?

Stumped for New Ideas? This is What is Stopping You

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I like books that show you another perspective you weren’t expecting. Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is an example. Sapiens covers the critical points in history for homo sapiens. I admire how Harari wa. Blog Customer Experience Editor's Pick Innovation

Easier for whom?

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Easier for whom? As an Air Force Reservist, I’m always on the lookout for the ‘military discount’ to save a buck or two. Many brands offer a markdown of some sort: Flash your Common Access C. Blog Customer Experience

Taking a Step Towards Emotional Branding in 2022 & Beyond

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Source: Pexels In a single glance, brands must find creative solutions to achieve success in the post-pandemic marketplace. Brands are bringing forward plans to rethink and redesign their marketing models. Brand Marketing comes with a unique set of challenges.


The Importance of Having Strong Decision Agility in Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product

In this talk, Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product will unpack how we can quickly make deeply-researched decisions on multiple topics that will positively influence your product development process.

10 Questions for B2B2C CX Leaders

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This is the third in a three-part series that explores critical questions CX leaders should be asking – and able to answer. There is some overlap between issues and questions for B2C and B2B (covered previously) and B2B2C (covered here), but I’ve chose. Blog Customer Experience Performance Metrics

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5 Cognitive Biases to design for User Onboarding & Activation

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Did you know that ~75% of users who download an app or start using a product, drop-off in the first week itself? Well, you did know that! Because most businesses have seen these numbers unfold in front of their very eyes!


The Problem With The Data….

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Data has always been a little problematic. Too often, we find the data that supports what the views we may have already formed. We may have problems with certain people, we find the data that supports them being the wrong people, so we can move them out of the organization. Alternatively, we [.].

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Brouhaha in Broadcasting: The Cable Digital Transformation

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The cable industry is at a crossroads. No longer are consumers watching news, entertainment, and sports over a limited number of channels at specifically scheduled times of the day.

How Customer-Centric Feedback Loops Can Evolve Your Product Process

Speaker: Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo

Join Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo, as she discusses why it’s important to actively gather customer feedback, how to build customer feedback loops into your product planning, the best ways to decipher different types of feedback, and different frameworks for how/when to apply feedback processes.

Customer Service Training Mistake #4

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There is no excuse for poor content in a customer service courseI often think that, if chemistry was taught as haphazardly as customer service often is, there would be a lot more unintended explosions in the classroom.There is a huge amount of misinfor. Blog Employee Engagement Service and Support