March, 2022

What is the ROI of Customer Experience

Shaun Belding

CX successes that I've seen have had one thing in common -- a consistent and intensely passionate focus on their customers that extended throughout their organization. They focused on their journey, not the end. . They decided they were in, not out. Shaun Belding |

Customer Onboarding: A Quick Guide for Customer Success

TSIA Customer Success

Customer onboarding can be a prospect’s first experience as your customer, and sets the tone for everything to come. Additionally, onboarding can be your customer’s second experience if they have purchased new or additional offerings.


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Predicting the future of customer experience (CX)

Adrian Swinscoe

This is a guest post from Nikhil Pereira, Customer Experience (CX) Practice Leader at Tech Mahindra. What is customer experience and why is it important? Customer […]. The post Predicting the future of customer experience (CX) first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

CX 167

The Move from Employee to Boss

The Belding Group

One of the most difficult career moves anyone makes is that first promotion from employee to boss. The people who were your coworkers yesterday are now reporting to you. It is stressful, intimidating, and the transition is rarely easy. There are a lot of things you have to deal with.


How to Work with Your Customer Success Team to Create a Great Product Feedback Experience

Speaker: Rebecca Notté, Product Operations Manager and Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing at Pendo

In this session, Hannah Chaplin and Rebecca Notté will detail the challenges of managing feedback between product and customer success teams and share their best practices on how to combat these challenges.

Is Your Company Product-Centric or Customer-Centric?


Today’s post includes an excerpt of a guide I wrote for GetFeedback in November 2020. The original guide can be found here , and a video excerpt can be found here. Linkedin Share Button. Tweet Widget

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What is WOW Customer Service?

Shaun Belding

What is the Difference Between Outstanding Customer Service and WOW Customer Service? When a company approaches us about customer service training programs, one of the first questions we ask is, “What are you hoping to achieve with the training?”

25 tips for setting B2B sales goals


Does your organization want to drive lasting sales improvements? Read this blog to learn 25 of the best examples and tips for setting sales goals

B2B 182

Brand trust emerges as the single biggest contributor to customer experience

Adrian Swinscoe

In March last year, I wrote about Havas CX’s X Index and how it offered a new and holistic view of a brand’s customer experience (CX). […]. The post Brand trust emerges as the single biggest contributor to customer experience first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

CX 167

The Cold Coworker

The Belding Group

How to Deal With a Cold Coworker When these coworkers walk into the room, everyone knows it. You can actually feel the temperature dropping. They are in a foul mood, and have no intention of trying to hide it. The work atmosphere gets awkward and uncomfortable as people tiptoe around them.


The Importance of Having Strong Decision Agility in Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product

In this talk, Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product will unpack how we can quickly make deeply-researched decisions on multiple topics that will positively influence your product development process.

The State of the CX Professional in 2022


I originally wrote today’s post for It appeared on their site on February 3, 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified existing customer expectations and created new and unexpected ones. Those changes drove GetFeedback to research 2,200 professionals in the United States and Europe.

CX 207

Customers Give Feedback Every Day. Most Brands Just Aren’t Listening.

Heart of the Customer

After decades of steady improvement, coinciding with the emergence of customer experience (CX) as a discipline, the America Customer Satisfaction Index now reports that customer satisfaction has been on the decline since 2019, erasing years of gains.

Why Should We Be Kind to Difficult Customers?

Shaun Belding

More than once over my career, I have been asked by people in customer service roles, "These customers are jerks. Why should I go out of my way for them?" The question, on the surface, seems fair. But here's the thing.

Do you need a call recorder or a recording engine?


Which came first, the call recorder or the recording engine? Honestly, it doesn't matter as they serve to very different use cases. Read more about each in this new blog

How Customer-Centric Feedback Loops Can Evolve Your Product Process

Speaker: Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo

Join Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo, as she discusses why it’s important to actively gather customer feedback, how to build customer feedback loops into your product planning, the best ways to decipher different types of feedback, and different frameworks for how/when to apply feedback processes.

In three years gig experts will be able to do everything agents can do in the contact centre – Interview with Roger Beadle of Limitless

Adrian Swinscoe

Today’s interview is with Roger Beadle, the co-founder of Limitless, a gig-economy platform that addresses some of the biggest challenges faced by the contact centre industry: […]. The post In three years gig experts will be able to do everything agents can do in the contact centre – Interview with Roger Beadle of Limitless first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe


Working With The Boss’s Child

The Belding Group

Let's start with the bad news: The old saw is true - blood is thicker than water. Particularly when it comes to sons and daughters, bosses will seemingly forgive, overlook, and rationalize just about everything. Shaun Belding | Winning with Coworkers


3 reasons to stop conflating customer service with customer experience

Inside Customer Service

"You're p **g me off!" The one-sentence email came from the company president. He was upset that the phones had been ringing all day, and blamed me for what was happening. Our phone lines rang throughout the office whenever a customer was holding for more than a minute.

Never, Never, Never Be Late

Shep Hyken

Never being late … that’s not realistic. It’s going to happen. It’s not a question of if. It’s when. . But you might say, “It’s not my fault!” And maybe it’s not. For example, you may be driving to a lunch meeting, and a car accident shuts down the highway making you.

Roadmaps Are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps!

Speaker: Bruce McCarthy, Co-Author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched and Founder of Product Culture

Join Bruce McCarthy, co-author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched, as he discusses the best ways to innovate your product roadmap. So that it reflects your customers’ needs while simultaneously and accurately communicating your products strategy and vision.

Customer Advisory Boards (CABs): Frequently Asked Questions


Customer advisory boards (CABs) can be a powerful tool in your organization's arsenal. They can help you better guide your customer experience strategy , prepare for product launches, learn more about your audience—essentially any goal or initiative that would benefit from direct customer insight.

B2B 99

4 steps to improving the patient journey


As patients take a more proactive role in choosing their healthcare providers and seeking out high-quality services, understanding the patient journey is increasingly important. Read more

We should talk about moments that shatter rather than the moments that matter – Interview with Michael G. Bartlett

Adrian Swinscoe

Today’s interview is with Michael G. Bartlett who is the Director of Experience Innovation at JMARK, an I.T. support and I.T. services company, Founder of the […]. The post We should talk about moments that shatter rather than the moments that matter – Interview with Michael G. Bartlett first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

Employee With Authority Issues

The Belding Group

How to Deal with An Employee With Authority Issues If you’ve ever had to deal with an employee who has problems with authority, you know how challenging it is. These are employees who are convinced that they’re quite good at what they do, and that you, the boss, are pretty much a moron.


Feedback: The Secret to Innovating Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad

Join Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad as she details how product feedback can improve your product development process while mitigating stakeholder conflict, constant feature requests, failed launches, unexpected outcomes, unhappy users, and complexity.

How long should new hire training last for customer service employees?

Inside Customer Service

New hire training is under pressure. Executives want to shorten it. Training costs time and money. The faster new employees can get to work, the better. New employees want it to be longer. They complain about not getting enough support. Some quickly leave.

6 Surefire Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Ameyo Callversations

A successful business runs on many wheels. It might have high-quality products, affordable pricing, a top-notch marketing team, and more. Yet, it still might lose customers if it cannot provide a great experience to its users.

9 Best Customer Success Communities in 2022


Getting involved in the best customer success communities can give you access to the resources you need to take your CS team to new levels of performance. Here’s our guide to the top customer success communities in 2022 and what they have to offer.

Technical basics series: From Python to Haskell


Haskell is a big functional language. Instead of laying out the language systematically, the CallMiner Research Lab starts with the parts most similar to Python and expands outwards


How a Strong Customer Engagement Strategy Can Improve the Usability of Your Product

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin, Director, Product Marketing at Pendo and Esther Edel, Product Operations Analyst at Pendo

Join Mobile expert Hannah Chaplin as she shares best practices and real examples to help you improve your mobile apps with in-app guides.