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5 Customer Satisfaction Goals to Strive For in 2022

Zonka Feedback

Exceptional customer service can get you up to 70% of additional revenue from existing customers. Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Three ways to immediately improve your customer experience

Inside Customer Service

Today's customers are increasingly unhappy. The American Customer Satisfaction Index has steadily declined for the past four years. By the end of 2021, it had reached its lowest point since 2005. What's causing the decline?


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Everyone Deserves a Compliment??

Shep Hyken

I was on a flight to a city I can’t remember, but what I do remember was the wonderful flight attendant, Bailee from American Airlines, who enthusiastically greeted me with a smile and said, “I like that hat!” I was wearing a baseball cap with the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship logo.

The Customer’s Dilemma: Acquisition vs. Retention


In last week’s post , I wrote about the acquisition versus retention “dilemma” from the marketer’s perspective. Obviously, there are two sides to every story, and the customer’s version is the most important side of this story.

How to Work with Your Customer Success Team to Create a Great Product Feedback Experience

Speaker: Rebecca Notté, Product Operations Manager and Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing at Pendo

In this session, Hannah Chaplin and Rebecca Notté will detail the challenges of managing feedback between product and customer success teams and share their best practices on how to combat these challenges.

Having gone through 10 years of transformation in the past two years, how do we maintain momentum – Interview with Don Schuerman of Pega

Adrian Swinscoe

Today’s interview is with Don Schuerman, the CTO and Vice President of Product Marketing at Pega. Don joins me today to talk about resiliency, focus, reducing […]. The post Having gone through 10 years of transformation in the past two years, how do we maintain momentum – Interview with Don Schuerman of Pega first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe


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How to Measure CX Impact

Heart of the Customer

We CX folks love to discuss measurement. If you want to fill a room at a conference, just put the word “metric” in your session title, and you’re good to go. Mention “Net Promoter Score” or “Customer Effort Score,” and you’ll need to order more chairs.

Customer Health Score: A Guide to Improving Client Satisfaction


Customer health score is one of the fastest and easiest ways to assess whether your SaaS customers are satisfied with your product and brand. Knowing this can help you evaluate churn risk and spot opportunities, empowering you to take appropriate action.

Amazing Business Radio: Devin Poole

Shep Hyken

Customer Service and Issue Centricity. Empowering Customer Support Agents with Data. Shep Hyken interviews Devin Poole, Senior Director of CX Strategy at Dixa , the groundbreaking conversational customer service platform.

Sales 86

What is customer experience management and why it matters


Delivering positive customer experience has always been a top concern for organizations. However, only recently have they had access to the tools needed to consistently improve CX at scale. Read more

The Importance of Having Strong Decision Agility in Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product

In this talk, Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product will unpack how we can quickly make deeply-researched decisions on multiple topics that will positively influence your product development process.

How to Reduce Customer Effort and Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Zonka Feedback

Customer service has become indispensable for not just ensuring customer satisfaction but also for earning customer loyalty and building a positive brand image. Therefore, brands all over the world need to excel in their customer service. Customer Feedback

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Thinking of Customer Success as a Team Sport


Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a CS platform.

Internal customer service: Definition, tips, and examples


Internal service for employees is just like customer service. The same rules apply: Make yourself available, answer questions, solve problems, and monitor feedback.

Bad Bot vs Good Customer Service


The chatbot. These digital interface tools have become a familiar, sometimes funny, sometimes maddening part of online customer service. Even with the growth of AI there are many bad bots, but they do not have to crush good customer service. Bad Bots.

How Customer-Centric Feedback Loops Can Evolve Your Product Process

Speaker: Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo

Join Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo, as she discusses why it’s important to actively gather customer feedback, how to build customer feedback loops into your product planning, the best ways to decipher different types of feedback, and different frameworks for how/when to apply feedback processes.

What are NPS questions in survey?

Zonka Feedback

NPS® or Net Promoter Score® is more than just a score that shows your customers’ willingness to recommend your brand to others. It is the qualitative feedback that can help you understand ‘why’ your customers are or aren’t willing to promote your brand. Feedback Management

NPS 83

How to Measure CX Impact

Heart of the Customer

We CX folks love to discuss measurement. If you want to fill a room at a conference, just put the word “metric” in your session title, and you’re good to go. Mention “Net Promoter Score” or “Customer Effort Score,” and you’ll need to order more chairs.

CX 78

The 3 keys to successful automated brand interaction


When it comes to your brand experience, each interaction counts. Your brand is the sum of every interaction you have, across every channel—with employees, prospects, and especially, your customers.

AI 83

Have the Rules of Marketing & PR Changed?

Customer Think

The ways we communicate continue to evolve. Keeping pace with the latest trends in social media and online video, while preventing your product or service from getting lost in the digital clutter, is a daunting task.

Roadmaps Are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps!

Speaker: Bruce McCarthy, Co-Author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched and Founder of Product Culture

Join Bruce McCarthy, co-author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched, as he discusses the best ways to innovate your product roadmap. So that it reflects your customers’ needs while simultaneously and accurately communicating your products strategy and vision.

Actionable Customer Feedback for Customer Service Agents

Zonka Feedback

Customers are the lifeline of any business. If your customers are happy, they will give continuous revenue for your business. But if your customers are unhappy, it will be hard for your business to survive. So Customer Satisfaction is vital for your business to survive and run successfully.

12 Must-Have Features of a Good Help Desk Ticketing System


What makes customer support software great? These solutions require more than just dedicated customer support teams – without the necessary features, a ticketing software solution is hampering your efforts.

Cue the confetti. We can’t wait to see you at Zendesk Relate 2022.


Our flagship event is back on May 11, and we are delighted to share our sense of momentum and energy with all of you as we move into the future. At this year’s Zendesk Relate , we are centering on our customers.

CX 83

How to Accelerate Credit Union Digital Transformation


Credit union member expectations are changing and changing fast. While telephone and email were once the go-to support channels, today’s members now expect more. The only way to keep up and meet these expectations is through digital transformation.

Feedback: The Secret to Innovating Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad

Join Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad as she details how product feedback can improve your product development process while mitigating stakeholder conflict, constant feature requests, failed launches, unexpected outcomes, unhappy users, and complexity.

The almighty Metaverse – its Rise and Fate

Customer Think

This is the third part of my return of the undead series. The first two parts dealt with identifying what components or building blocks a metaverse ecosystem needs to consist of. These components basically define how metaverse can work and serve as a m. Blog Editor's Pick Enterprise Technology

Google Business Messages – The Complete Guide 


Google has recently released a new customer communication channel called Google Business Messages. This unique channel allows consumers to converse with businesses and organizations directly from Google Maps or search results while enjoying a seamless experience. And there’s a lot more to it. .

CRM 70

Three emerging workforce trends in 2022

Execs In The Know

New ideas that you can consider for your CX teams. Companies and contact centers are asking employees to come back to the office now that most “lockdowns” are over. Now used to the flexibility and convenience of remote work, many employees are resisting.

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Team

Shep Hyken

This week, we feature an article by Aamir Baloch, one of the Co-Founders at Odondo , where he obsesses over the details to deliver a strong and compelling proposition for each of his clients.

How a Strong Customer Engagement Strategy Can Improve the Usability of Your Product

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin, Director, Product Marketing at Pendo and Esther Edel, Product Operations Analyst at Pendo

Join Mobile expert Hannah Chaplin as she shares best practices and real examples to help you improve your mobile apps with in-app guides.