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Customer Service Lessons from a Snake Farmer

Shaun Belding

Customer Service Lessons From a Snake Farmer The very foundation of outstanding customer service, as well as successful selling, is the willingness and ability to be truly interested in each customer you meet.

What’s stopping you from achieving simplicity in your contact centre?

Adrian Swinscoe

The major barriers to simplification are closer to home than you may think. An effective strategy starts at the top. In this guest post, Ross Daniels, […]. The post What’s stopping you from achieving simplicity in your contact centre? first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe


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3 Types of Call Center Environments Post-COVID


Last year, COVID-19 shifted many call center environments to new models. Nation-wide lockdowns forced many call center companies to either shut down or adapt to a work-from-home model. Despite the pandemic, one thing is certain. Call centers provide a vital service to customers worldwide.

Amazon Saves you 75 Hours a Year

The DiJulius Group

We are really buying time from Amazon People don’t buy products from Amazon, they buy time. “We We offer low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery, but imagine we ignore all of that for the purpose of this estimate and value only one thing: we save customers time,” says Jeff Bezos.

Five advanced customer service techniques to raise your game

Inside Customer Service

Advanced techniques are one of the top requests I receive as a customer service trainer. Many people feel the basics are, well, too basic. If that's you, I have five advanced techniques to share. But first, a word from our sponsor: basic skills. The basic skills never go out of style.

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Over 100 million reasons why conversational customer service is the way forward

Adrian Swinscoe

When I spoke to Mads Fosselius, Founder and CEO of Dixa, in February of last year, we talked about the emergence of a conversational age of […]. The post Over 100 million reasons why conversational customer service is the way forward first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

8 Tips for the Ideal Call Center Environment


A company’s work environment isn’t just about air conditioning, water cooler chats, and table tennis. Employees, especially call center agents, spend a significant portion of their lives at work.

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Don’t Make Me Repeat My Story!

Shep Hyken

I’m always frustrated when I call a customer support number that I’ve called before and have to retell my story. The same goes for when I’m transferred to another person. There is no need for this. . I recently posted that message to social media.

What do immersive VR, empathetic interactions and stand out customer service have in common? – Interview with Monika Jo of Mursion

Adrian Swinscoe

Today’s interview is with Monika Jo, Director Of Communications at Mursion, a virtual reality platform for professionals to practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary […]. The post What do immersive VR, empathetic interactions and stand out customer service have in common? Interview with Monika Jo of Mursion first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

5 must-have features in your social selling platform


There is an interesting story about an interview question at a bank where candidates were asked, “What do you think of social selling?” It was a trick question, intended to weed out the inexperienced social explorers from those that had hands-on enterprise social media experience.

7 Technological Advancements in the Retail Industry to Make You Say Wow


Shopping has always been seriously big business – with total global retail sales reaching $26.29 trillion in 2019. Yet, the actual retail experience has changed radically from just a generation ago.

Amazing Business Radio: Philipp Wolf

Shep Hyken

Managing Customer Success. Preventing Customer Churn. Shep Hyken interviews Philipp Wolf, CEO of Custify , a company that helps SaaS businesses deliver great results for customers. They discuss how to utilize customer information and behavior to help ensure customer success.

The 7 Best Knowledge Base Software + How to Choose One

Help Scout

We all know the old axiom “knowledge is power.” And though it’s true, there’s a caveat: In order to unlock the power of any knowledge, people first need access to it. Access to knowledge is an issue many businesses face.

Why gender equality in the workplace isn’t just a problem for women


In 2015, when McKinsey started its annual survey on women in the workforce , the numbers said it would take 100 years to reach equity. Every year since, there have been incremental gains—until COVID-19 threatened to wipe out many of those gains.

Advancing Omnichannel: Better Metrics and Solutions

Execs In The Know

On August 19, Execs In The Know facilitated an Executive Virtual Roundtable session dedicated to discussing omnichannel customer care, with an emphasis on discussing key metrics as well as current challenges.

4 Key Pieces your Contact Center is Missing & You Don’t Even Know

Ameyo Callversations

Contact centers make the spine of your customer experience. Any piece that you miss in the contact center eventually disturbs the experience for the customer.

Episode #155: A Surefire Way to Make a Point


Collecting, managing, and applying feedback is a critical piece of the CX process. In today’s summer flashback episode I go back to my P&G days to regale you with a story about marketing recommendations, and the gift of honest, unfiltered feedback. See all CXM Experience podcasts.

CX 83

Zendesk welcomes Cleverly


At Zendesk, we believe a key component of providing great customer experiences includes ensuring your agents are armed with the right tools and processes to deliver them.

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HelpCrunch Review


As the next installment in our series of articles about customer communication tools, today we


Don’t Apologize to Customers!

Myra Golden Media

It might surprise you to know I don’t want customer service specialists to apologize to customers. Before you respond to that, let me say that I see apologizing and saying “I’m sorry” as two different things.

The Impact Of Communication On Employee And Customer Experience


Communication is extremely vital for any organization to function smoothly. Good internal communication has a very positive impact on employee performance whereas good communication with customers allows an organization to build lasting customer relationships upon trust and loyalty.

B2B customer service: What it is and how to do it right


It’s a common myth that B2B companies aren’t as focused on customer service as their B2C counterparts. According to an Accenture report , over 90 percent of B2B leaders believe that providing a great customer experience is the key to reaching their company’s goals.

B2B 83

Top Upcoming CRM Software Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021!

Customer Think

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) has grown substantially in recent years to provide value for everyone in a business instead of just being a tool for customer relationship management.

Smart appointments: Collecting data to improve appointment management


With a smart appointment scheduling system, you can collect data from each touchpoint in the customer journey and process it to get insights for continuous improvement. This article aims to explain which data to collect and how to improve your organization with insights from the customer journey.

Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Customer Experience is the Pulse of Every Business

Shep Hyken

This week we feature an article by Jafar Sadhik, a digital marketer in the fields of SaaS tools, data management, and finance management. He writes about how customer experience can determine the lifeline of a business. What makes a business stand out from the crowd?

A decade in the making: An oral history of Intercom’s first 10 years

Inside Intercom

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Intercom. A decade ago, a small group of friends — our co-founders Eoghan McCabe , Des Traynor , David Barrett , and Ciaran Lee — realized that the impersonal, transactional way of doing online business just wasn’t cutting it for customers anymore.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Succession Planning

Customer Think

In 2020, there were 31.7 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for 99.9% of businesses in the nation. However, despite ownership of such a significant proportion of the U.S.


3-Step CX Strategy MID-YEAR Check-in for 2021


It's halfway through 2021 and your CX strategy needs a checkup! CX directors and managers, get together with your team to look at your customer experience metrics and where you want to go next.

CXM 62

15 Most Useful Chatbot Features


Introducing automation to your brand's CX strategy can create dynamic customer experiences by transforming messaging channels into conversational marketing.

CX 56

Intercom turns 10: Highlights from our first decade

Inside Intercom

This month marks 10 years since Eoghan McCabe , Des Traynor , David Barrett , and Ciaran Lee launched Intercom and began their mission to make internet business personal.

How Starbucks, Peloton & Pizza Hut Use Gamification (And You Can Too)

Customer Think

There’s a reason gamification has continued to be one of the marketing buzzwords you’re seeing everywhere. Because it works.

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3 key CX metrics you should know about


3 key CX metrics you should know about You are beginning to define a customer experience feedback mechanism for your business. Congratulations! You have taken the first step to understand the journey of your customer Read more… 3 key CX metrics you should know about appeared on LitmusWorld.

CX 56

A tale of 2 banks: Why TSB stands out

MyCustomer Experience

AThe major UK banks are in denial. In my conversations with bank executives over the past few years I have suggested they should be more. 10th Sep 2021. By John Aves Chief Executive


5 Rules to Guarantee a Return on Investment

Beyond Philosophy

Customer Experience is having challenges. Research over the last few years points to a lackluster performance for return on investment.

Adzooma Unveil NEW Platform and Brand Identity

Customer Think

Creating a global digital ecosystem specifically designed for SMBs.


Customer Behaviour: What’s changed since the pandemic?


There has been a deluge of research exploring how customer behaviour has changed during the pandemic. So in this blog, I thought I’d share some of the most interesting UK, EMEA and global insights I’ve seen in relation to customer behaviour, experience and interaction.

Strategies for ‘going extreme’ and staying at the top: A CX Moment with Sarah Robb O’Hagan


What does it take to be “the best”? We all want to know the secret to be exceptional in our craft, whether we are striving to be a best-in-class agile CX leader , a high-performing customer service representative, or the go-to IT manager.