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Life at Uniphore: Meet Andrew Dahlkemper, Chief People Officer


As part of our ongoing “Life at Uniphore” series, we interviewed Andrew Dahlkemper, Uniphore’s new Chief People Officer.

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8 customer-experience-related predictions for 2022

Adrian Swinscoe

Around this time of year, I usually receive a swathe of customer experience related predictions from different sources. A couple of years ago, I started compiling […]. The post 8 customer-experience-related predictions for 2022 first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe


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When It All Comes Down to Business, It’s “People First”

Bill Quiseng

For many years, there has been a stranglehold of the “Profits over People” mentality on business. Senior executives care about revenue dollars, market share, the stock price, bottom-line profits, even their competitors, more than their people.

How surprise fees put employees in a no-win position

Inside Customer Service

Advertising disclosure: This blog participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. Hotels have gotten sneaky with resort fees.

How to Work with Your Customer Success Team to Create a Great Product Feedback Experience

Speaker: Rebecca Notté, Product Operations Manager and Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing at Pendo

In this session, Hannah Chaplin and Rebecca Notté will detail the challenges of managing feedback between product and customer success teams and share their best practices on how to combat these challenges.

Strategic roadmap to deliver new-age customer experiences


WEBINAR. Strategic roadmap to deliver new-age customer experiences. Register Now. 2022 is the year where companies are innovating to thrive and succeed in the service-driven economy.

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Top 3 Ways to Calm Angry Customers

Myra Golden Media

I had an inspiring video meeting with a long-term client I started working with in 2018. My client is now at a new company, and she reached out for de-escalation training. It turns out I’m already working with her new company for de-escalation train-the-trainer.

Don’t Leave Your Customers Stranded

Heart of the Customer

I rarely post about bad customer experiences I myself have endured. On a professional level, I note what’s going on – and of course, what the company should be doing differently! – but on a personal level, I understand these kinds of things happen and typically don’t let them get to me.

December 2022


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5 Customer Success Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer Them


Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM) can be an extremely rewarding career. A CSM works hand-in-hand with customers, guiding them through the customer journey and fostering a positive connection.

The Importance of Having Strong Decision Agility in Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product

In this talk, Emily Tate, Managing Director at Mind the Product will unpack how we can quickly make deeply-researched decisions on multiple topics that will positively influence your product development process.

Customers Are Changing. Are You Ready with The Next Best Thing is Customer Strategy?

Beyond Philosophy

The late Steve Jobs said at a 1997 Apple World Worldwide Developers Conference, “You’ve got to start with the Customer Experience first and work backward towards the technology.” ” Now, in 2021, this quote couldn’t be any more pertinent than it was nearly 25 years ago.

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What is a sales qualified lead (SQL) and why is it important?


When it comes to sales, it’s easy to believe that no opportunity is a wasted opportunity. If you throw a product at enough people, someone is bound to buy it, right? Technically…yes. But say you spent money and effort to contact 100 random people about your product.

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November 2022


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What is Customer Experience Excellence and How Can You Start Your Journey Towards it?


The origins of customer experience (CX) can be traced back as far as 1990, and arguably even further. Since then, its role in customer service and support has constantly evolved and strengthened as organizations of all industries see proof of how CX excellence improves the bottom line.

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How Customer-Centric Feedback Loops Can Evolve Your Product Process

Speaker: Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo

Join Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo, as she discusses why it’s important to actively gather customer feedback, how to build customer feedback loops into your product planning, the best ways to decipher different types of feedback, and different frameworks for how/when to apply feedback processes.

How to Kick-Start Digital Transformation in Business?

Customer Think

“Digital transformation isn’t about tech for tech’s sake – it’s about using technology to achieve business goals.” ” – Teresa Torres Do you know? 87% of organizations claim to have profitable results after implementing digitization in business.

Community Gets Real

Conversation Agent

Nearly 11 years ago, I outlined a framework to calculate the costs of building a proprietary community. The conceptual and operational aspects (1, 2, 4, 5, 6) still hold. Good content at number 3 is the opportunity: to differentiate, weave a good narrative, and establish a path to value.


October 2022


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How to Make 2022 The Year of the CX

DMG Consulting

How to Make 2022 The Year of the CX. It’s been an extremely challenging two years, a period of time filled with ups and downs, hopes and fears, conflicting information, disruption of everything, massive innovation, and more.

Roadmaps Are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps!

Speaker: Bruce McCarthy, Co-Author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched and Founder of Product Culture

Join Bruce McCarthy, co-author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched, as he discusses the best ways to innovate your product roadmap. So that it reflects your customers’ needs while simultaneously and accurately communicating your products strategy and vision.

3 Performance Goals Every Call Center Manager Should Strive For


Managers and supervisors must schedule, monitor, and engage call center agents. They’re also responsible for managing agent performance , keeping track of company KPIs and metrics, maintaining customer service strategies, managing budgets, and monitoring the latest trends in the contact center.

Five Lessons On How To Personalize the Customer Experience

Customer Think

I love to receive great examples of outstanding customer service. I’m always on the lookout for great stories, whether I personally experience them, or they are sent in by our followers. What I share with you today is a great example of personalized an. Blog Customer Experience Personalization

September 2022


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Contact Center Workplaces Are in the Midst of a Renaissance

DMG Consulting

Contact Center Workplaces Are in the Midst of a Renaissance.

Feedback: The Secret to Innovating Your Product Development Process

Speaker: Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad

Join Liz Love, Chief Commercial Officer at ProdPad as she details how product feedback can improve your product development process while mitigating stakeholder conflict, constant feature requests, failed launches, unexpected outcomes, unhappy users, and complexity.

Top 7 Call Center Management Books on the Market


What is call center management? It’s exactly as it sounds — the daily management and care of a call center and all the employees who work there. Contact center managers have an incredibly important and robust role.

Does “Below the Fold” Content Get Read?

Customer Think

It’s a fact, content below the fold gets less attention. That’s why a best practice in content marketing is to place your best content above the fold.


Designing Your Customer Success Executive Sponsor Program


Building a customer team can sometimes include trial and error. From your internal side, you need people on your team who understand the product, your customer’s goals, and what they are trying to achieve with your solutions.

What should we include in a business case to obtain an IVA solution?

DMG Consulting

Question: What should we include in a business case to obtain an IVA solution?


How a Strong Customer Engagement Strategy Can Improve the Usability of Your Product

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin, Director, Product Marketing at Pendo and Esther Edel, Product Operations Analyst at Pendo

Join Mobile expert Hannah Chaplin as she shares best practices and real examples to help you improve your mobile apps with in-app guides.