Mon.Jul 08, 2024

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Creating a cohesive omnichannel customer support experience


Technology allows for businesses to offer numerous contact methods to customers. Omnichannel customer support creates a bridge between each support channel to provide a cohesive customer experience.

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Discovering the Hidden Gems: How to Prime Your Brain for Exceptional Customer Experiences


Discovering the Hidden Gems: How to Prime Your Brain for Exceptional Customer Experiences There’s one thing that holds the key to success: Customer Experience (CX). It’s no secret that customers wield immense power and influence, and can make or break a business in seconds. That’s why innovative companies are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance CX and stay ahead of the curve.


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What is Customer Experience (CX): Importance, Examples, and Strategies

Zonka Feedback

Customer Experience is the holistic experience of a customer with a company, its brand, products, and services. Read all about what CX is & why it is important?

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Enhancing Tech Adoption through Exceptional Design


Enhancing Tech Adoption through Exceptional Design Introduction Originally posted at: [link] In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, digital product design has emerged as a critical factor influencing adoption rates and overall customer experience. This article delves into the intricate relationship between digital product design and these two pivotal aspects, highlighting key principles, case studies, and actionable insights for technology companies striving to enhance their market pre

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SaaS Evolution: The Critical Role of Embedded Finance

Speaker: Ian Hillis, SVP of Growth at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms

Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Ian Hillis, SVP of Growth at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms, where he’ll explore the significant impact of embedded finance on the software industry! This session is designed to provide you with the strategic insights needed to navigate the future of SaaS successfully, all while gaining a deeper understanding of how these trends can enhance your competitive edge, boost revenue, and deepen customer loyalty.

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CX ROI Metrics Roadmap


CX ROI Metrics Roadmap Lynn Hunsaker Your CX ROI metrics roadmap is a cause-and-effect sequence that multiplies growth. All customer experience metrics used today are lagging indicators of growth. You’re measuring what already happened with customers. Therefore, it’s lagging. Leading indicators are what you are doing that causes the lagging indicator.

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Support Team Mailbag: Managing the Queue

Help Scout

Ever wonder how different support teams manage their queues and structure their inboxes? Learn about Help Scout's approach in this edition of the Support Team Mailbag.