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Executive leadership in the Age of the Customer

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Without that — which usually means a silo-by-silo prioritization method — your customer experience efforts will not, unfortunately, get very far. So what does this one-company approach look like, especially if you believe — as I do — that we’re completely in The Age of the Customer by now?

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Welcome, Governments, to the Age of the Customer

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For those who--despite the customer experience debacle--remain unconvinced that the Age of the Customer applies to governments, the Sochi Olympics should do the trick. In the Age of the Customer: There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit


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Are Your Call Recordings Up-to-Snuff for AI-fueled Speech Analytics?


We are well within the “Age of the Customer”. The first step toward competing successfully in this era is capturing the voice of the customer.

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Beyond Satisfaction: Key Takeaways from Tracy Sedlak’s CRS Tucson Keynote on Voice of the Customer

Execs In The Know

Adaptability: Finally, Sedlak highlighted the need for organizations to be agile, adapt strategies based on customer feedback, and change market conditions to stay relevant. Because in the age of the customer, businesses that fail to listen and adapt risk obsolescence. Why are these points critical?

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Here’s why the experts think empathy is the key to customer experience


Buzzwords come and go in the customer experience world, but while we lose our patience with most, there are some that rightfully stick around. In 2013, Forrester Research landed on one such phrase – the ‘age of the customer’. Customers have more power than ever to get their voice heard and listened to.

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Are Smart Things Really Smart or is it Just Smart Marketing?


The Age of the Customer and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In one of their older Customer Experience reports Forrester claimed that we are now in the “ Age of the Customer “ This was music to my ears when I first read it, because as you know I’m a customer champion. Click To Tweet.

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How to build customer trust: 4 things to start doing today


In the early 2010s, the Age of the Customer emerged. The Age of the Customer continues today—and the data shows it. Gartner research reveals that 74 percent of customers expect more from brands, not only in their products and services but also in how they treat their customers.