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Transforming Customer Experience Through Mystery Shopping

Doing CX Right

Claire Boscq- Scott, Global Customer Service guru and three-time author, explains why and how to do mystery shopping right. The post Transforming Customer Experience Through Mystery Shopping appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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Is your giant ego is crushing your customer service?

Inside Customer Service

The night before, I had completed a mystery shop on five random employees at the client's request. She was furious at this unknown coworker for failing the mystery shop and insisted I tell everyone who it was. My client had asked me to do the mystery shops before my class, and it had seemed like a good idea at the time.


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3 Ways to Get More from Your Mystery Shops


At conferences, I’m often asked about mystery shopping, and it got me thinking: there are a lot of misunderstandings about what mystery shopping can and can’t do. Some see mystery shopping as a simple check-in; others see it as too artificial for an accurate customer service evaluation.

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Look beyond mystery shopping to improve your customer experience


Mystery shopping can help root out issues that can prevent long-term or future problems, that impact customer retention and sales. Go beyond mystery shopping to improve the experience. The post Look beyond mystery shopping to improve your customer experience appeared first on Qualtrics. Get Started.

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How to measure customer service training

Inside Customer Service

Mystery shopping scores immediately improved and continued to trend upward. This process was straightforward with the valet parking contract. They averaged 94 points by the 30-day deadline, which was above the 90-point target. The hotel general manager agreed not to cancel the contract as a result.

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KMF, Microfinance Focusing on the Service Strategy in Kazakhstan

Service Quality Institute

Zhanna Baigunakova, Head of Quality who spent 2 days mystery shopping with me. Dalida Davlyatshine, Managing Director. Darkhan Maratuluy who organized and managed the event. Kamila Besaeva who managed logistics to get me to Almaty.

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Lessons from the Pandemic to Improve Your Customer Experience Now

Bill Quiseng

Mystery shop your competitors in person and online. Choose the group’s internal social influencers so that the message can be amplified throughout the organization. Identify the experts who deliver an exceptional customer experience.