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Social listening: how to turn social data into actionable insight

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At the end of 2022, nearly two-thirds of marketers agreed that social listening had increased in value over the past year, according to Hootsuite. Social listening involves extracting and analysing publicly available information from social media channels, allowing a brand marketer to get closer to […]

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Mastering Real-Time Feedback and Social Listening for Superior Service


That’s why real-time feedback and social listening in today’s customer-centric landscape are […] Things are moving faster than ever these days, aren’t they?


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AI-powered insights to competitive benchmarking: features you need in your social listening tool


Many modern brands recognize the importance of capturing customer feedback from social media and other digital channels, but, at the same time, their social listening strategies still fall short of their potential. What are the goals for your social listening tool? Who benefits from using a social listening tool?

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How Sentiment Analysis & Social Listening Can Improve the Customer Experience


How can contact centers leverage social media to improve the customer experience? Quicker response times, one-to-one engagement, and sentiment analysis & social listening are a few ways. Read more.

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Social listening: What it is and why it matters


One of the best ways to understand what people are really saying about you in their environment, social listening should be an integral part of your brand strategy. In order to harness the power of this data, it’s important that first, you listen. Which, naturally, is what social listening is all about.

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Mind Your Language! Lessons from the Confirmit Social Listening Event


Our packed events program continues apace and last week the Confirmit team hosted over 50 Market Research professionals at the beautiful ME hotel in central London to talk social listening, text analytics and the evolution of our old friend, the survey.

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Starwood's Rules for Social Listening

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Digital and social trends are the key factors driving the evolution of retail marketing today. Customer Engagement Customer Service Customer Strategy Social Media sap sociallistening socialtrends starwoodresorts' There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit