What is Text Analytics?


Gain an understanding of the various types of text analytics in order to grasp the function of text analysis in a business context

Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics

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Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics. Interaction analytics removes the mystery from customer conversations. These increasingly sophisticated analytics solutions have evolved from basic keyword search applications that helped companies understand call reasons to advanced business intelligence (BI) offerings that provide insights and an appreciation of customer sentiment. The post Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics appeared first on DMG Consulting.


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Should speech and text analytics be used outside the contact center?

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Question: Should speech and text analytics be used outside the contact center? Answer: Speech and text analytics, known jointly as interaction analytics (IA), can and should be perceived, managed and applied in a way to benefit the entire enterprise and its customers.

Lesson #4: Text Analytics Is More Than A VoC Feature; It's An Absolute Must-Have


Enter text analytics. Machines (Text Analytics). All sophisticated VoC software platforms will have a text analytics module available. Let’s dig into the value that text analytics provides. Using a computer algorithm that identifies common themes or topics by scanning and grouping customer comments, text analytics provides an unprecedented ability to make sense of and take action on large volumes of unstructured customer feedback.

Unlocking Insights With Text Analytics


In this webinar, Jason Bryce, Subject Matter Expert, Confirmit, and Holly DeMuro, Product Marketing Director, Confirmit, discussed: What is text analytics and what can you expect from implementing a text analytics program? What are the key benefits of applying text analytics?

Making Experience Text Analytics Actionable: The Human/A.I. Balance


If you’re not analyzing your customer speech and text, you’re getting an incomplete picture which could be misleading your decisions. It takes strong human intervention to align text topic categories to your business decision areas.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Analytics


These standard metrics include not only the number, but also free text feedback revealing why your customers like or dislike you or your product. Feedback arrives in other forms as well: pure text sent via various channels directly to the company, comments in social media, reviews in application stores and online stores etc. Instead it is the unstructured nature of the data which makes it challenging to tackle with any traditional means of analytics.

Text Analytics as Future of Customer Experience? We Asked Jim Tincher.


The future of the feedback analysis - text and voice analytics. I am a big fan of text and voice analytics. Text and voice analytics dive deep into that and essentially, if you wish, create a score based on how customers actually felt. Text analytics help you to hear the real voice of the customer.” Companies miss out when they just focus on the score, and don’t go deep into the text responses.

Text Analytics Uncensored: Uses and Applications in Research and Customer Experience


Open-ended survey responses and free-form text stored in business systems and on social media promise a wealth of insight into consumer opinions. Advances in technology have introduced text analytics as a means of automating and streamlining review, categorization, and the analysis of sentiment behind the text. They’ll answer questions like: What are the real benefits of text analytics? How do you categorize text and build a sustainable model?

Text Analytics Uncensored: Uses and Applications in Research and Customer Experience


Open-ended survey responses and free-form text stored in business systems and on social media promise a wealth of insight into consumer opinions. Advances in technology have introduced text analytics as a means of automating and streamlining review, categorization, and the analysis of sentiment behind the text. They’ll answer questions like: What are the real benefits of text analytics? How do you categorize text and build a sustainable model?

Enterprise Uses of Speech Analytics (whitepaper)

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Enterprise Uses of Speech Analytics (whitepaper). Since you can’t be everywhere watching and evaluating the customer experience, speech and text analytics is the next best thing. 5/1/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. Wouldn’t it be great to share in the journey of each of your customers; to know what they think about your employees, policies, products, services and competitors?

3 Easy Ways To Quickly Understand Customer Survey Comments


Good open-ended survey questions allow respondents to provide feedback in their own words via qualitative free-form written text fields. Customer Experience Management Software Text Analytics PeopleMetrics LIVE3 Easy Ways To Quickly Understand Customer Survey Comments.

Using Interaction Analytics to Improve the Customer Journey (whitepaper)

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Using Interaction Analytics to Improve the Customer Journey (whitepaper). Sharing speech and text findings with a customer journey analytics (CJA) solution is a great way to expand the benefits and contributions of Interaction Analytics. 4/21/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. To continue reading, download the PDF by registering below: DOWNLOAD. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications.

How Post Office puts CX in the hands of its employees


With Qualtrics and its advanced text analysis software , we’re able to deliver plain-language recommendations to our branches. For example, branches being busy – with text analysis, we’re able to see that busyness is usually mentioned in a positive sense. Discover more about text analysis. Explore Text iQ. Customer Experience customer expeirence customer experience visionaries text analytics

Making Sense of Customer Words

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Unstructured information is typically text-heavy, but may contain data such as dates, numbers, and facts as well. The answer: get yourself a great text mining or text analytics tool. In its simplest form, text analytics tools turn your qualitative data into quantitative data, thereby allowing you to use that data for cross-tabbing, filtering, and a variety of other analytical approaches. customer experience data text analytics voice of customer

How Sentiment Analysis Can Be Used to Improve Customer Experience


Quantitative feedback like net promoter scores can provide a general pulse of your brand performance, but qualitative feedback in the form of text can provide insight into how people actually “feel” about your brand. Sentiment analysis is part of the greater umbrella of text mining , also known as text analysis. This type of analysis extracts meaning from many sources of text, like surveys, reviews, public social media, and even articles on the Web.

Let’s ask better questions

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Let’s ask better questions With text analytics and artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis, technology has really moved us into a new world of possibilities when it comes to understanding our Cus. Blog Customer Analytics Personalization Voice of Customer

What are the top ways we should use speech analytics to get the maximum benefits?

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Question: We are just getting started with speech analytics. Answer: Enterprise executives who are not thinking more broadly about the uses of solutions like speech analytics are leaving cost savings and valuable benefits on the table. Analytics-enabled quality management uses speech and text analytics solutions to review up to 100% of interactions, 100% of the time, in 100% of channels.

What additional information can we use to determine customer satisfaction?

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Here are some suggestions: Speech/text analytics – use contact center analytics technology to fill survey gaps. Speech and text analytics can mine customer interactions from all voice and digital channels to capture the voice of the customer (VoC), without any effort on the customer’s part. VoC results from speech and text analytics can be integrated into EFM reporting to enhance findings.

Confirmit CX Expert Series: Ryan Denny - Bupa Global


In this video, Ryan Denny of Bupa Global talks about the impact of text analytics on Bupa’s customer experience program. Ryan also discusses the importance of being able to build an effective, flexible text analytics model to analyze customer comments.

Adoption of Real-Time Speech Analytics is the Next Phase for the Market

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Adoption of Real-Time Speech Analytics is the Next Phase for the Market. Real-time speech analytics, also known as conversation analytics, is going to be essential for enterprises, not just their contact centers, within the next 5 – 10 years. These real-time analytics solutions listen to what customers are saying and use this information to provide intelligent, machine learning-enabled guidance to agents so they know how to meet each caller’s needs.

My Understanding of AI in CX so Far. Things Could Change!

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) NLP enables computers to process large amounts of text in any language and understand what’s being said. This is exciting because we communicate with our customers via text whether it’s through inbound support messages, transcribed phone calls, or voice of customer survey responses. Here’s an example from the text analytics world. I’m not known for being quick on the uptake by those closest to me.

AI 229

Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity

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Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity. The speech analytics market continues on its remarkable journey as it matures, enters middle age, and confronts a variety of new challenges. The primary issues are these: Speech analytics is not yet considered a “must-have” application; analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA) has not caught on; real-time speech analytics has a limited number of use cases; and text analytics continues to struggle to be noticed.

How does speech analytics perform trend analysis? Isn’t it just counting how often words are used?

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Question: How does speech analytics perform trend analysis? Answer: Trend analysis in interaction (speech and text) analytics solutions provides deeper insights than word count frequency. Q&A Speech AnalyticsIsn’t it just counting how often words are used?

The future of surveys? Maybe no surveys at all

Heart of the Customer

Doing this will of course require text (or possibly speech) analytics to categorize the responses and provide actionable results. And it appears I’m not the only one thinking that way, with Qualtrics releasing a new VOC solution incorporating text analytics, and Wednesday’s announcement of the merger between Maritz and Allegiance that will also feature text analytics as just one piece of their offerings.

I’ve heard of speech analytics to analyze phone calls; what’s used for the new digital channels?

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Question: I’ve heard of speech analytics to analyze phone calls; what’s used for the new digital channels? Answer: Interaction analytics (IA), which combines speech and text analytics capabilities, enables enterprises to gain insights from both voice and digital channels. Interaction analytics solutions range from basic (e.g.,

12 Considerations Retention Leaders in the Pest Control Industry can Rely on


Text analytics can help you analyze unstructured textual data from agent notes and survey responses to understand the needs, wants and expectations of the customers. Text analytics also uncovers insights into customer sentiments and intent. When we talk about leveraging customer interaction to boost retention, we mean analyzing millions of text records to extract unprecedented intelligence using AI, text analytics, and machine learning.

Confirmit CX Expert Series: Donna Kempster – Computacenter


In highlighting some of the more advanced elements of Computacenter’s program, Donna also talks about the role of text analytics within their approach. Computacenter has now reached an excellent 87% accuracy rate in their analytics of customer comments.

Discovering Hidden Customer Insights in New Places is Critical for Future Success!

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For example, Fleischaker says many companies use audio and speech analytics. She also sees firms using text analytics for digital channel interactions. Customer Science is an exciting new variant of Customer Experience.

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Genius Sentiment Analysis Fact Sheet


Confirmit Genius™ incorporates Text Analytics and Social Analytics, and enables you to find the nuggets of insight that will give you a competitive edge. Confirmit Genius employs state-of-the-art statistical analysis techniques for analyzing items of text (such as survey verbatims, social media posts, etc.) to determine the sentiment by category for each item of text.

What’s it like to work with Confirmit?


One thing you'll hear is that while clients love the Confirmit's technology - whether that's our digital feedback solution, text analytics tools, survey designer or data visualisation - it's the people who make the difference. Thinking about working with Confirmit?

What technology will help contact center agents manage the move to work from home permanently?

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Additionally, two workforce optimization (WFO) applications to pay particular attention to are workforce management (WFM), and interaction analytics (IA). Interaction analytics, comprised of speech and text analytics, help supervisors and managers identify the reasons customers are contacting their agents, and also enable them to “hear” customer conversations even when their employees are working at home.

Qualtrics vs Medallia: A Detailed Comparison


It helps you gather omnichannel feedback and gives you in-depth insights and reports using advanced analytical tools. The text analytical feature produces very generic output and often you need to manually create tagging rules for future feedback. . Text Analytics.

Confirmit Horizons Modules


Analytics, Reporting, and Dashboards. Genius Text Analytics. Genius Social Analytics. Confirmit offers end-to-end solutions that help businesses collect Richer insights so they can make Smarter Decisions and take Action Faster using the world’s most secure, reliable, and scalable solutions for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, and Market Research programs.

Lesson #10: B2B VoC and B2C VoC Are Completely Different


And, through text analytics and other real-time reporting analytical approaches, answers to key questions are immediate. TEXT ANALYTICS: N/A. His company offers CEM software with advanced machine learning solutions and hands-on analytical support to help companies make sense of their CX data. The following is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, P hD. Who are your customers? Are they businesses ( B2B ) or consumers ( B2C )?

VOC 96

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms


” The report also recognized Confirmit’s “powerful self-service survey capabilities,” and stated the company’s “text analytics capabilities are very well integrated into analyses, dashboards, and alerts.” Customer Experience professionals rely on customer feedback management (CFM) platforms to support their need to capture, analyze, share and take action on insights identified through customer feedback.

Confirmit Genius: Mining for Hidden Truths in Free-form Content


Confirmit Genius is an advanced Text Analytics platform that uses the latest Machine Learning technologies to help you draw meaning from unstructured content. Confirmit Genius consists of two main modules, these are: Confirmit Genius Text Analytics : draw meaning and deep insights from unstructured text found in survey verbatims, call center notes, chatbot records, emails, and more.

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