Creating Actionable Insights from Irrational Humans

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Let’s take a look at actionable insights about people’s irrational behavior as customers and the importance of the human touch in a digital transformation. Actions speak louder than words. The post Creating Actionable Insights from Irrational Humans appeared first on. Whenever I talk about Customer Experience with audiences, I begin by explaining that customers do not buy things rationally.

Marketing Solutions to More Actionable Insights


Marketing depends upon actionable insights to satisfy and delight their customers. How comfortable are you with your own process and the actionability of the results? Insights are the holy grail that all businesses seek but rarely find. The post Marketing Solutions to More Actionable Insights appeared first on C3Centricity. Are you one of them? If so then I have some tips on how you can get better [.].


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How the Best Marketers are getting More Actionable Insights


The last quarter of any year is a stressful time indeed, but this post on actionable insights is a must-read if you want to start 2020 ahead of the competition! The topic was “Insight into Action with Impact” One of the things that I loved about the workshop was that marketing was invited too. Insight development is too important to be left to the market research team alone. MRX #Marketing #Insight Click To Tweet. MRX #Insight #Marketing.

Actionable Insights: What they are, why they’re important, and how to get them


Actionable insights are data sets that prescribe any direct, meaningful actions you can take based on the analysis of raw data. Feed generated with FetchRSS

Quantum Metric Launches Journeys; Adds Unparalleled Depth to Traditional Journey Analytics With Actionable Insights

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New product offering capitalizes on platform’s rich data set to provide immediate view of customer journeys, empowering brands to proactively optimize the digital experience.

Is it Time to Do Away with Market Research Departments?


No, if it is a department that integrates and analyses information from multiple sources, and then delivers actionable insights and recommendations. Insights 2020 by Kantar-Vermeer spoke about the need for researchers to have five critical capabilities : Research & analytics mastery. A more recent study by BCG and GRBN resulted in an Invest in Insights Handbook to help organisations report on the ROI of the insights function.

Customer Centricity is Today’s Business Disruptor (Insights are its Foundation)


In fact, data gathering is no longer an issue; it is its management, analysis and above all understanding to turn it into actionable insights that is today’s challenge. I believe that the reason most organisations today are drowning in data and thirsting for insights as I am often quoted as saying, is because they are more excited by data than people. It is therefore vital to turn that wealth of information into actionable insights.

You’re Not Competing In The Category You Think You Are! (How to Find Out)


Last week I wrote about my 7-step CatSight Process for Insight Development. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read last week’s post ( “Customer Centricity is Today’s Business Disruptor, Insights its Foundation”) I suggest you do this first, as background to this post. In it, I summarised the very first step of Insight development like this: C = Category. Does Your Insight Development Need Optimising?

New Thinking, New Ideas, New Successes!


Things have been pretty hectic for me these past few weeks. As you read this, I am in New York presenting at the CASRO Technology and Innovation Event, 6th to 7th June. If you’re attending the event, please stop me and say “HI”; it would be awesome to meet some of my Amercian readers! I [.]. The post New Thinking, New Ideas, New Successes! appeared first on C3Centricity.

Call Center Metrics: Examples, Tips & Best Practices


These tips provide valuable insight into choosing and using call center metrics more effectively to condense performance data into actionable insights

Science & Medicine Group Expands as Commercial Data Insights Leader with Amplion Acquisition

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Integration of the Amplion knowledgebase and next-generation data architecture will immediately expand SMG's capabilities to deliver more comprehensive, actionable insights.

Jabmo Expands Omnichannel ABM Platform with Sales Enablement Tools and Salesforce Integration

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New account-based reports and email alerts will empower B2B sales teams with actionable insights and a competitive advantage.

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10 Email Survey Best Practices to Collect Timely Insights


Email surveys are a great way for customer-centric brands to gain actionable insights into their customers' experiences. The post 10 Email Survey Best Practices to Collect Timely Insights appeared first on Astute.

How to make the most of advanced analytics

MyCustomer Experience

HGetting and implementing actionable insights from your data is the nirvana for every organisation. But simply updating your analytics. 15th Jun 2022. By Sush Apshankar Practice Lead, Advanced Analytics

The Impacts of AI and RPA on the Customer Experience


Watch this webinar to hear Ravi Saraogi, President APAC, Uniphore, share his insights on transforming the customer experience through AI & RPA. Extracting actionable insights from customer interactions with AI. First Name Last Name Email Address Company Name Phone Job Title By submitting your email, you agree that Uniphore may send you industry insights, service updates, and other marketing communications.

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Fulfilling Conversational AI’s Promise in Your Contact Center


For businesses, AI-powered applications enable time and cost savings, smarter customer services, and efficient CX management, plus reliable, actionable insights that facilitate decision-making.

Keeping Compliance Under Control


Detect Potential Compliance Issues Speech analytics, as part of a conversational AI platform, enables wealth management firms to discover insights, find patterns and uncover relationships in large datasets. Few industries are regulated as closely as wealth management.

5 Reasons Not To Ignore the Rants of Your Call Center Agents


So, put down that annual voice of the employee survey and get ready for unreal insights gleaned straight from the rants of real call center agents. That’s quite unfortunate because your frontline staff have very important insights to share.

How to build a customer-centric product strategy using real-time product insights


Despite living in this age of real-time feedback and viral product complaints, many brands continue to rely heavily on customer surveys and focus groups to get insights about their products. How can product insights help your brand? Get the Product Insights Playbook.

How to Survey Customers Properly


Organizations that involve everyone in customer feedback, as well as the actions taken on the back of it, are significantly more successful than organizations that leave the task in the hands of one, or a small number of people. Analyzing data for actionable insights.

7 Ways How Omnichannel Analytics In Contact Center Can Improve Your CX


Read on to gain more insights on omnichannel analytics. Similarly, omnichannel analytics assembles the data from all the communication channels to drive actionable insights. Moreover, it provides meaningful insights into customer trends, behavior, preferences, and attitude.

What is Quality Assurance (QA)?


key performance indicators (KPIs) Generating actionable insights to improve operations ?–?contact actionable insight.?These?are a lack of actionable insight is?often?the insights.?A 1] Gartner insights. [2]

Guest Post: Exploring Natural Language Processing to Categorize Customer Feedback

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Categories are key to producing actionable insights on top of rating questions, such as CSAT score (customer satisfaction),? MECE categories aim to eliminate confusion and help pinpoint actionable solutions.

Discovering Hidden Customer Insights in New Places is Critical for Future Success!

Beyond Philosophy

I invited her to the podcast to continue our discussion and wanted to share some of that insight here. . The voice of customers is another set of data that people can use to feed the AI and receive great insights about how they improve working with that customer, Fleischaker explains.

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How to ask your customers great questions and gather actionable feedback – 3 key takeaways


Great Question is an all-in-one customer research platform that makes it easy to build a panel of customers, schedule research studies (surveys, interviews and prototype tests), send incentives, and synthesize and share insights.

What Is Outbound Call Center Software And How Can I Improve My Outbound Call Center?


By tracking these metrics, a business can gain actionable insights on how to improve its outbound calling strategy. Therefore, such insights can be leveraged to develop training material for agents, thereby boosting their performance.

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The Difference Between Technology and Service| Confirmit


Technology allows you to answer clients’ demands for speedy, actionable insight. For Market Research agencies – like any other business – success is a matter of balance between technology and service.

My Understanding of AI in CX so Far. Things Could Change!

CX Accelerator

The big challenge is parsing through the data to get actionable insight and NLP is foundational to this work. I’m not known for being quick on the uptake by those closest to me. A couple prime examples include long division and driving a stick-shift. When my only option was a manual transmission, my parents just sort of cut me loose on the streets of Rancho Cucamonga, California to learn to drive (Yes, I already had my driver’s license but on an automatic transmission).

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Five Keys To Driving Voice of the Customer Success

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They want to get customers’ feedback on preferences and experiences, share these insights with corporate stakeholders, and act on these insights so they can improve the experience. This valuable information is not making its way into actionable insights that need to be addressed by companies. The biggest challenge of VoC programs and which eludes most organizations is getting actionable insights from collected feedback back into your business processes.

Looking ahead to the future


With actionable insights, businesses can be more agile and respond faster to customer needs — generating better service and creating better products along the way.

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5 ways that IT asset management improves customer and employee experiences


Standardized asset management unlocks actionable insights. Tracking your software and hardware assets usage data for compliance has an added benefit: it forms the basis of actionable insights.

The SMB agility playbook—set yourself up for long-term success


This agility playbook, which includes original data sourced from nearly 4,000 customer experience and customer service business leaders, managers, and agents, provides actionable insights tailored to the needs of small businesses.

The biggest challenges facing support teams right now (and how to solve them)


Challenge #4: Your business isn’t getting the customer insights it needs. Forrester’s research found that over half (52%) of the support leaders surveyed believe that they’re lacking the technology and tools to leverage customer conversations for actionable insights.

What Is Call Center Life | How Poor EX Hurts CX


and the 7 Surprising CX Insights They Reveal. However, beneath this surface is a wellspring of actionable insights. Call Center Life. High Stress. High Stakes. It's All In A Day's Work. Your Call Center Is a Glass House.

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How to Best Use Customer Feedback: 3 Ways to Act on Big Data


Here are three best practices to help you turn big data into action. Work with customer experience partners who find actionable insights and drive change. We can find actionable insights that can help your employees drive improvement in the areas that matter most. As with anything worthwhile, the key is focusing on small, meaningful actions and understanding their significance in the big picture.

5 Questions Call Center Leaders Ask About Agent Assist


It uses that insight to to guide agents with actionable knowledge, rather than forcing them to search through the knowledge management system. Sometimes, the key to success isn’t having all the answers, but asking the right questions.

It’s A Wrap — Part 2: More Great Insights from Clearwater, FL

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Not only did the event bring together many of the best minds in customer experience (CX) — all for a much-needed moment of COMMUNITY, CONNECTION, and BALANCE — but the event also provided a ton of learnings and actionable insights for attendees to take back to their organizations.