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10 core principles for starting up

Intercom, Inc.

There is an infinite amount of advice for startups, but if I had to boil it down to just 10 essentials, these are the most crucial principles for starting up that every founder needs to understand from an early stage. You need a vision. You need to run a good beta. You need world class onboarding.

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The Competitive Edge: How Disruptive Start-Up Is Winning with Customer Experience

Doing CX Right

The post The Competitive Edge: How Disruptive Start-Up Is Winning with Customer Experience appeared first on Doing CX Right. Zach Picon, Co-owner of Crewfare, shares how he and partners are disrupting the travel industry and tactics to gain a competitive advantage that's applicable to your business too.


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How a Clean Energy Start-up Approaches Customer Experience

Customer Bliss

As conversations around sustainability and corporate social responsibility continue to increase, I think you’ll enjoy this timely conversation with Michael Bair , Senior Director of Member Experience at Inspire , a clean energy tech start-up. Make a Personal Connection.

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Customer Experience Lessons for Start-Ups, With Lesley Mottla- CB011

Customer Bliss

M.Gemi is a start-up and Zipcar was a start-up at the time, so we spend a good portion of this episode discussing customer experience lessons for start-up businesses. In a start-up context, realizing that your ‘product’ is truly the ‘experience’ people have is crucially important.

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Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

At least 3,000 start-ups receive seed investment each year. Only 20% of these companies attain product market fit, despite years of excruciating effort by founders, early employees, and investors. The first and most important step in product development is finding PMF.

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35 Indicators that a Company Isn’t Customer-Centric

CX Accelerator

By Jeremy Watkin and the CX Accelerator Community I’ve got a big trip coming up, and in preparation, I needed to check my flight itinerary so I could book a rental car and long-term airport parking. After pushing a bit more for a supervisor, I was left with no choice but to hang up and try again. Again, huh? 28) can’t be empathetic.

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Customer Service Foundations Training Plan

Inside Customer Service

Follow-it up with a short email that contains the pre-assignments. Connecting rapport to outstanding service Implementing techniques that build rapport (A) Starting a conversation (A) Enhancing your likability (A) Week 2: Building Rapport This week's theme is building rapport with customers. Start by reviewing the week one assignments.