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Why engaging HR, Finance, Legal, and IT to embrace the customer is vital!

Beyond Philosophy

The Legal Team Is Essential, Too. You might think as you read this one that legal is one department that shouldn’t be customer-focused, and, to be clear, their job is to protect the company. However, how Legal is essential to the experience comes down to these two words: contract clarity. Click here.

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Improving Client Relationships: Role of Customer Feedback in Legal Practice


Building and sustaining strong client relationships is paramount in the legal profession, where trust serves as the cornerstone for success. In the legal profession, establishing and maintaining strong client relationships hinges on trust, making client feedback invaluable.

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Airport Crisis - what are your legal rights?

The Customer Service Blog

Air travellers caught up in these events are legally entitled to care and assistance from airlines under UK law post-Brexit. Uncertainty about legal rights of air passengers Compliance by airlines with consumer protection laws has been problematic for some time. certainly boosted awareness during COVID.

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Zendesk legal terms update 2022


As a service-first company, we update our terms and policies on an annual basis, driven by customer feedback, evolving legal standards, and product updates. If you would like more information about our legal terms, please visit our Agreements and Terms Website. The post Zendesk legal terms update 2022 appeared first on Zendesk.

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Navigating the Metaverse’s Legal Frontier: Intellectual Property Challenges in the Asia Pacific

Customer Think

However, as this digital realm expands, so do the legal challenges it poses, particularly concerning intellectual property rights. Introduction: The metaverse’s rapid rise has presented an exciting new frontier for innovation, collaboration, and entertainment.

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How to Build a World-Class Patient Experience (and Why the Medical, Financial, and Legal Industries Suck at Service)

The DiJulius Group

The majority of people in the legal, financial, and medical field lack the client-patient experience and there are a few reasons for this. The post How to Build a World-Class Patient Experience (and Why the Medical, Financial, and Legal Industries Suck at Service) appeared first on The DiJulius Group. Why is that? Read Full Article.

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Engaging HR, Finance, Legal, and IT is vital!

MyCustomer Experience

One of my clients has done an excellent job in the last couple of years improving their customer experience. However, much of it was the. 30th Nov 2023 By Colin Shaw Founder & CEO

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