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Confirmit for Voice of the Employee


Voice of the Employee Videos. Confirmit makes sharing data easy with role-specific reports, dashboards, data visualization, and even real-time alerts that can be customized according to the needs of the recipient. Learn how confirmit can help your organization to drive the results your business needs.

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Voice of the Employee: A Global Study Examining the Essential Role of Employee Voice in Customer Exp


Bridging the gap between Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes that collect customer feedback, and employee engagement surveys that collect insights into job engagement, Voice of the Customer through the Employee / Voice of the Employee (VoE) programmes collect staff feedback to obtain business insights from informed members of frontline teams.


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Voice of the Employee Can Cure Broken Customer Experiences

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It had introduced a tool to capture and manage ideas from its employees on how to improve the customer experience. A few weeks ago, many of our customer experience analysts including my colleague Maxie Schmidt and me were glued to our computer screens, watching a presentation by a big bank.

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New Partnership: Lumoa in joint partnership with Forsta


Forsta offers scalable Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and survey options, from quick polls to advanced data collection, that fuel actionable insights in real-time.

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The True Cost of Employee Disengagement in the New Normal


These are some of top contact center pain points driving employee disengagement today. In our webinar, What Your Call Center Agents Rant About on Social Media , we went beyond the annual Voice of the Employee survey to explore how agents really view the contact centers they work in—and why they’re leaving at an alarming rate.

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Building a Flexible EX Management Platform


An Employee Experience (EX) management platform adapts to a rapidly changing reality by providing the right insights to leaders and line managers at the right time, and is flexible enough to form the foundation of an employee listening program for large, complex enterprises. Voice of the Employee Featured Webinars.

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A journey to highly commended #CX Leader of the Year 2021


Identify moments of truth Rosebella identified key moments of truth through customer journey mapping and used our survey platform to capture the Voice of the Customer. Surveys were also used to capture Voice of the Employee. This was visualised and shared across the business to ensure a common understanding.

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