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4 Voice of the Customer (VoC) methodologies to gain valuable insights


VoC insight is crucial for organizations to increase growth rates and achieve business milestones. Read on to learn four methodologies for measuring omnichannel customer experiences.

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Components of a modern VoC program


Leveraging VoC is an essential step in boosting customer satisfaction. Read on for our outline of a modern VoC program and tips for putting customer insights to use.

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VoC begets VoC

Customer Think

VoC begets VoC I’m always championing active use of your Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights. After all, I say, if you’re just collecting your Customers’ insights but not doing anything with them.

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Fred Reichheld says 95% of all VOC Programmes are set up incorrectly – is yours?


As those who follow me know, I am quite passionate about Voice of the Customer (VOC) Programmes being set up correctly to drive action, engagement and ROI. Tags: VOC NPS Stefan Kolle Facebook Like Linkedin Share Button Tweet Widget In 2020 we also dropped a first whitepaper around this.

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How to Re-energize Your VoC Program


VoC — or Voice of the Customer programs — helps businesses learn more about their consumers’ wants, needs, and preferences. While most VoC efforts start strongly, many tend to lose their traction over time— especially if the program isn’t properly implemented or the company becomes complacent. Here are some key insights.

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Signals: The future of VoC

Customer Think

Over the last few years, the Voice of Customer (VoC) has become essential to customer experience (CX). Surya SS, Head of CXM -Tredence Inc & Praveen Satyanarayana, Director, CXM- Tredence Inc.

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How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

CX Accelerator

Fortunately, tools do exist that collect direct customer feedback, or Voice of Customer (VoC), which can give insight as to the level of service they received so operations can be enhanced. ,,, How VOC Tools Work , Many VOC tools work with the phone system’s interactive voice response (IVR) creator to deliver a telephony-based survey after a call.