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What is customer relationship management (CRM)?

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We explain the strategies, processes and tech associated with customer relationship management

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What is customer relationship management?

Intercom, Inc.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategy and methodology that revolves around using data and feedback to build authentic, meaningful relationships with prospects and customers, keeping them connected and loyal to your company. This process is called customer relationship marketing.


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The Customer Relationship Management Evolution in 2022

Customer Think

There are a lot ways the Customer Relationship Management software market continues to evolve. But from my vantage point I find the most telling evidence of CRM maturity to be based on who benefits. And over three decades I have observed a clear patter.

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How Better Customer Relationship Management Can Increase ROI


Many times, the only thing keeping an issue-ridden account from churning is the established relationships – aka the customer ROI. Increasing ROI with better customer relationship management. Here are three ways CSMs can increase customer ROI with better, more focused customer relationship management strategies: 1.

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Refreshing Thoughts on Social Customer Relationship Management

Win the Customer

Customer relationship management systems are now merging with social media capabilities enabling organizations to build stronger relationship with customers. Your internal communication and operations must be appropriate or you take huge risk to expose negative elements to your customers.

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Customer Relationship Management System Features: What a CRM Includes and What It Doesn’t


With this much information and so many customers, you need software that will inform you when a customer experiences a relevant event. Some enterprises turn to customer relationship management (CRM) systems to make it easier to juggle a large number of clients. The Benefits of a Customer Success Platform.

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B2B Customer Success and Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can have many different definitions, and can sometimes cause confusion. Does CRM include correspondence before a company becomes a customer, such as sales and marketing? Should CRM extend to all areas of a business, including internal IT teams who don’t interact with customers?