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Lessons from Zappos: Elevating AI Integration for Next-Level Retail Customer Service

Doing CX Right

Explore AI's transformative power to elevate retail customer customer service. The post Lessons from Zappos: Elevating AI Integration for Next-Level Retail Customer Service appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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The Future of CX in Retail

Customer Think

As 2024 unfolds, the dynamic landscape of retail invites the evolution of how retailers approach customer experience (CX). In order for retailers to earn consumer loyalty during the new year, they must incorporate several strategies into their […]

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The New Retail Customer Experience: How Humans + Machines Optimize the Conversation and Outcomes


Today’s retail customers have higher expectations than ever—particularly when it comes to digital customer experience. To remain competitive in this increasingly digital landscape, retailers must create an inviting and intuitive customer experience that works seamlessly from end to end and across all channels. Download The Article.

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How Technology Enhances the Retail Customer Experience

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As everybody knows, the retail scene has undergone a significant change, with technology woven into the modern shopping experience. The days when shopping recalled a picture filled with aisles, crowds, and not knowing whether the item or size you want will be available are a distant memory.

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How Personalized Customer Experiences Drive Retail Growth and Revenue

Speaker: Shaunna Bruton - Associate Director of Product Strategy at Orium | Sam Panzer - Director of Industry Strategy at Talon.One | Frank Passantino - Director of Product Management at Bloomreach

But can retailers actually deliver? Data from McKinsey shows that companies that excel in personalization increase their revenue by 40%, but despite these numbers, retailers struggle to implement customer personalization strategies. More and more, customers are expecting a better personalized CX. So what are the potential solutions?

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State of Retail CX 2023


The retail industry is under enormous pressure to change. What does this mean for retailers? Retailers that rise to the challenge reap the rewards–higher CSAT, deeper customer loyalty, and solid ROI. In this guide, you’ll get the latest retail insights and actionable tips on how to supercharge your CX.

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4 Tips for Surviving in a Retail Contact Center


With businesses reopening after COVID-19 closures, US economist Mark Zandi asserts that retailers benefited significantly from the reopening economy. Moreover, retail spending is expected to increase by 19% this year. These predictions represent significant opportunity for retailers. Why retail call centers are so important.

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2024’s Retail Odyssey: Going Small, Artificial, and Augmented!

Speaker: Kelly Goetsch - Chief Strategy Officer at Commercetools | Jason Cottrel - CEO & Founder at Orium | and guest speaker Brendan Witcher - VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Significant modifications are on the horizon for digital commerce in retail and customer experience come 2024. The pace of tech shifts will intensify, businesses are set to defund legacy solutions, and attractive opportunities will surface as social and retail media players join forces.

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The Future of Customer Loyalty: Rewards, Retention, Appreciation, and More

Speaker: Jennifer Hileman - Director, Retail Data & Technology at Orium, and Zach Ettelman - Solutions Partner Team in North America at Talon.One

Elevate your retail game by unleashing the power of customer loyalty! The holidays are the perfect time to redefine and reimagine your retail strategy, as modern customers are being re-engaged through creative retention tactics. November 15, 2023 at 9:30am PST, 12:30pm EST, 5:30pm GMT

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Mapping Digital Transformation: Retail’s Strategic Shift

Speaker: Jennifer Wright, Michael Scholz, Jasmin Guthmann, and Scott Canney

Digital transformation in retail is so much more than new technology. You need to get your whole organization, from entry-level workers to executives, on board with the new tech, new skills, and culture changes that digital transformation brings. Leading this mindset shift can be a daunting task… but that’s where this webinar comes in!