Find the Right Customer Success Platform with our Scorecard Template


How to Use the Customer Success Platform Evaluation Scorecard Template. The bottom half of the scorecard is all about you and how well these platforms will work for you and your company. Once you’ve completed the scorecard, compare the total scores of each platform.

Shifting the KPI scorecard: the importance of customer-centricity

Customer Think

The practice of measuring success spans all industries and lines of work. Outlining the metrics of success, or key performance indicators (KPIs), is how most organizations determine whether or not they are on the right track to meet their goals.


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Beware False Scorecards for B2C Chat


Beware False Scorecards. The temptation to find a scorecard is strong, so beware of stats being cited that seem to fill that role but, on closer inspection, do not.

Beware False Scorecards for B2C Chat


Beware False Scorecards. The temptation to find a scorecard is strong, so beware of stats being cited that seem to fill that role but, on closer inspection, do not.

6 Considerations for Building a Purposeful Quality Scorecard

Customer Service Life

In this article, I’ll share six things to consider when creating a quality scorecard. It’s so easy when designing a quality scorecard to jump right into the weeds and begin adding everything about a customer interaction that we think our agents should be doing. When you approach your quality scorecard this way, perhaps you think twice about that canned greeting that isn’t engaging the customer in the slightest. Image by Ray Shrewsberry from Pixabay.

Your CX Scorecard is Probably Measuring the Wrong Thing

Heart of the Customer

The post Your CX Scorecard is Probably Measuring the Wrong Thing appeared first on Heart of the Customer. “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.” – Peter Drucker I love that quote. In one short sentence, Drucker summarizes what a business – and customer experience (CX) – is all about. But despite that wisdom, companies continue to focus primarily on creating customers, often forgetting that keeping them is […].

Implementing a balanced scorecard to measure agent and contact center performance

DMG Consulting

Question: We’re implementing a balanced scorecard to measure agent and contact center performance. What categories should we evaluate? Answer: There are hundreds of key performance indicators (KPIs) available in most contact centers, as each operating system – automatic call distributor (ACD), dialer, interactive voice response (IVR), recording, workforce management, customer relationship management (CRM) and more – produce dashboards and reports.

Deliver Performance Scores Directly to Your Agents


Agent Performance Agent Performance & Monitoring Call Center Best Practices agent scorecard first call resolutionWhen it comes to improving efficiency, many call centers choose to record phone calls and track average handle time , and first call resolution rates. The less effort required on every call should lead to agents being able to assist more customers. Call center efficiency actually results from the agents’ drive, motivation, and their overall well-being.

KPI Guide for Omni-Channel Contact Centers

DMG Consulting

Agent Management Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management [Contact Center] Multi-Channel Contact Center Performance Management [Contact Center] agent performance scorecards balanced scorecard collections contact centers. KPI Guide for Omni-Channel Contact Centers. 9/25/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. Contact centers are highly complex operating environments with a lot of moving parts and activities.

Contact Center KPIs: Less is More

DMG Consulting

Agent Management Customer Experience Management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management [Contact Center] Multi-Channel Contact Center Performance Management [Contact Center] agent performance scorecards balanced scorecard collections contact centers. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications. Please complete the registration form below. First Name * Last Name Email Address *. Monthly DMG Newsletter. I would like to receive the monthly DMG Newsletter.

Creating outstanding CX from the top-down and bottom-up

Adrian Swinscoe

There’s a reason why strategy frameworks like Balanced Scorecard (BSC) have the ‘Customer’ as the […]. This is a guest post from Matt Roberts, co-founder of Zokri. The post Creating outstanding CX from the top-down and bottom-up first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

The Making of Great Agents (whitepaper)

DMG Consulting

The Making of Great Agents (whitepaper). 7/1/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. Great agents are not born that way; they are developed by companies who invest in their success and support them along their journey. While it’s true that outstanding representatives start with excellent interpersonal skills, strong customer service and/or sales acumen, a comfort level in using systems and applications, and the ability to multi-task, this is just a small portion of what makes them great.

7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts


While solutions such as speech analytics technology, agent scorecards, and social monitoring can help to improve agent performance and provide for a better customer experience, the fact of the matter is that each individual call center will need […]. It goes without saying there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to run an efficient call center.

What skills and metrics CX teams need in ecommerce: an analysis


That’s why quality assurance scorecards are completely customizable, meaning this metric can be adjusted to fully encapsulate and reflect your brand values and CX protocols.

How to Evaluate Call Center Agent Performance


Let them fill out a scorecard template and answer general questions about their work. Call center agent scorecards are also great tools to show agents how their performance looks throughout calls. You can accurately fill out scorecards using technology such as real-time call monitoring.

Why Your CEO Isn’t Impressed with Your Work 

Heart of the Customer

I wrote last week about why Your CX Scorecard is Probably Measuring the Wrong Thing. Now, on a flight home from a client workshop, I have a chance to catch up on some old reading. And it turns out that your CEO likely agrees. You may not be spending time in the right areas – or, at least, not making […]. The post Why Your CEO Isn’t Impressed with Your Work appeared first on Heart of the Customer. Culture Customer Experience CX vision

SuccessBLOCs – Now With More Usage Metrics


SuccessBLOC Scorecards, Now With User KPIs. We’ve added an enhancement to SuccessBLOC Scorecards which now allows you to create KPIs based on user metrics, as well as account metrics.

What is Customer Health Score?


The scorecard model is simple to understand: When your customer is green, the customer is getting value from the products and services, the engagement is effective and the company should continue to manage the customer in a similar way. Health Scorecard.

What’s the best way to use contact handle time as a key performance indicator?

DMG Consulting

A balanced scorecard that measures productivity along with quality, effectiveness, customer satisfaction and reliability (for agent scorecards) provides the necessary insight. The most effective balanced scorecards also identify trends by comparing performance day-to-day, week-to-week, etc., For more information about KPIs and balanced scorecards, see DMG’s white paper: Top KPIs for Managing Customer Service, Sales and Collections Contact Centers.

How support leaders measure (and improve) the quality of their customer support


To do this, you can create a scorecard that will help you to track your own unique internal quality score (IQS) based on the criteria you value most. Equipped with that scorecard, you then need to put a process in place for implementing those reviews.

Q3 Product Release: New tools for post-pandemic customer service


and root-cause analysis Create standardised scorecards?that?reflect?your?company’s?unique?values, If you manage a contact centre, then you know just how busy they’ve become this year. Customers are more demanding than ever. New channels have emerged.

Is contact center performance management something more than advanced reporting?

DMG Consulting

Historical performance management pulls data from various enterprise data sources, and typically delivers outputs via scorecards (agent, team, site, etc.) Question: Is contact center performance management something more than advanced reporting?

How to Measure Customer Service Quality: Methods & Tools

Help Scout

That list will form the basis of your customer service quality scorecard, or rubric. To save you some time, we’ve put together some of the most common elements of a quality rubric in this spreadsheet , which also includes a scorecard.

Dialpad’s Dan O’Connell on how an all-in-one support approach can drive revenue


Dan: You think of QA scorecarding for a lot of businesses. For years, we’ve been following a best-in-breed approach, searching for the very best communication app for each specific need. Could this trend be changing?

AI 90

How to rapidly improve customer service by finding your Betty

Inside Customer Service

One agent pointed out that the credit card offer wasn't on their quality assurance scorecard, so they weren't held accountable for the results. Early in my career, I lucked into a solution to a challenging project.

Get The Complete Picture With The Enhanced Customer 360 SuccessBLOC


New and Improved Scorecard. Today we’re announcing multiple updates to the Customer 360 SuccessBLOC, making it more powerful than ever before. With the Customer 360 SuccessBLOC, we’ve built you a complete real-time view into customer health, across your entire customer base.

What to Expect When Shopping for Support Software

Help Scout

You may also consider a “divide and conquer” approach, where each person on your search committee does independent research on a tool using some sort of scorecard to grade each option. You may also consider using the same scorecard from before — or a slightly updated one.

Totango Product Update – Welcome to Kyoto!


It comes out-of-the-box with all the foundational content including scorecards, pre-built customer segments, workflows, email templates, and assets that you need to stay top-of-mind. Hi, We are excited to start our journey in Kyoto! . In Kyoto, we’re investing in: .

Quality Assurance – Avoiding Gray Areas

Taylor Reach Group

” In terms of the right elements, there is always a danger that our internal scorecard becomes too inwardly focused and we lose perspective on what is really important to the customer. By: Colin Taylor. When we are thinking about our Quality Assurance (QA) processes, we need to ask ourselves, “Are we measuring the right elements and in the right ways?” What I mean by this is “Are our measurements concrete enough?”

3 Best Practices for Emerging Outsourcing Priorities

Execs In The Know

recommends designing a Chat Scorecard that includes top metrics agents should focus on during customer interactions. 2020 was indeed a unique year for vendor managers and their outsourced partners.

The Management Conundrum

The Squawk Point

Trust or control? Imagine a scenario where your employees keep on changing things. All in the name of improvement and innovation. Everybody is spending time making your organisation run that little bit better.

The Complete Guide to Call Center Management


TIP: Develop an interview scorecard based on your company’s needs and use it to rate potential candidates after their interview. Congratulations, call center manager! You’re stepping into a world full of exciting challenges, impressive individuals, and constant evolution.

A crash course in customer satisfaction


Using a tool like the balanced scorecard is a great first step. The balanced scorecard guides companies in thinking about their operations from four different perspectives: Financial. The balanced scorecard is just one way to incorporate customer satisfaction into company goals.

Proactive Stakeholder Engagement – Key Strategies During Covid-19 From Lucid and Totango


Continually measure success with a scorecard that surfaces customer health, the success of customer engagement, and internal engagement.

How to Build the Ideal Customer Journey Using Your Customer Success Platform


From growth adoption scorecards to prospective renewals, dashboards are the best way to keep everyone on track across your organization.

25 Indicators of Fraud on Inbound Calls


Speech analytics software , for example, enables call centers to review past fraudulent calls, customize a fraudulent scorecard, and leverage real-time analytics to provide guidance to agents while on the call if a call is flagged as potential fraud. Call center fraud is no laughing matter.

Never fear, integrations are here


Level AI QA Assist (Support) streamlines your QA program with AI-augmented custom scorecards. Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide great experiences. Mavenoid.

7 Best Digital Customer Journey Steps to Inspire Loyalty


Define What Success Is and Manage a Scorecard: Record customer goals and metrics that capture value. Tools like customer health scorecards consolidate these data points into an easily readable metric that is accessible company-wide.

Is your Quality Assurance Arrogant?

Taylor Reach Group

The role of this team is to evaluate agent interactions with customers against a predetermined scorecard. Is your Quality Assurance Arrogant. By Colin Taylor.

Paying Attention to Agent Wellbeing will Improve your Brand

DMG Consulting

Contact centers should transform their agent evaluations and scorecards to measure what matters most, which should not be average handle time and the number of transactions handled during the day. Paying Attention to Agent Wellbeing will Improve your Brand.

Want to improve customer experience? Improve the agent experience first


An agent scorecard can help here. There are lots of different metrics leaders might choose to include on a scorecard, depending on their particular business needs. Happy contact center agents mean happy customers.

Don’t tell me you miss me: 3 better approaches to user retention

Inside Intercom

“You’ll need a scorecard of different measurements to evaluate the extent to which a customer is getting the value that they came to your business to get” The trick to doing this well is measuring behavior that corresponds to a customer getting value. It happens every day.

Are You Using Your Mission Statement to Drive Customer Growth?

Customer Bliss

Scorecards Shouldn’t Define Company Goals. Their success was tied to their scorecardscorecards that connected to internal goals about the company’s growth—not about their roles in improving customers’ lives. How does your company incorporate its mission statement? Is it used daily as a decision-making lens for uniting the organization in making operational decisions?