Fri.May 17, 2024

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#NoBullshitCX #20yearsFuturelab “Take. Small. Steps.” I have promised to share some worst practice stories here as well. Here you go: a “Death by PowerPoint” presentation to international management of a global payment organization. I was supposed to talk about CX topics in general, and Voice of the Customer specifically. I was so enthusiastic about the topic, I threw the whole encyclopaedia at them: 150 slides in one-and-a-half hours.

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Making in-store grocery shopping fun and going viral on TikTok – Interview with David McIntosh of Instacart

Adrian Swinscoe

Today’s interview is with David McIntosh, who is VP and GM of Connected Stores at Instacart. David joins me today to talk about innovation in the […] The post Making in-store grocery shopping fun and going viral on TikTok – Interview with David McIntosh of Instacart first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.


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Big Mistake: Making AI Your Autopilot Rather Than Your Co-Pilot in Your CX

Beyond Philosophy

Quality assurance is crucial in Customer Experience Management, and assessing call center operations provides valuable insights into an organization’s customer-centricity. The subject of today’s episode is the result of our None of Use is Clever as All of Us feature. One of our listeners, Jamie Scott of Evaluate Agent shared his thoughts on Quality Assurance and the problems organizations have regarding this area.

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AI & CS: Innovate or stagnate


Some believe AI is overhyped. Others think we are already in the midst of transformation. The reality is that most of us sit in the middle. A recent poll taken during the Higher Logic Super Forum SPARK conference in April says 61% of CS professionals sometimes use AI platforms alongside other systems, while 11% always leverage AI in various instances and workflows.

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How to Easily Navigate Crypto Accounting in the Web3 Era

Speaker: Aaron Jacob, VP of Accounting Solutions & Reagan Cook, GTM Lead

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities and challenges that come with crypto accounting? 🤔 This new webinar will cover everything businesses need to know to get started with crypto accounting after incorporating crypto into their business models! Industry experts Aaron Jacob and Reagan Cook of TaxBit will thoroughly explore the prevalent operational hurdles encountered by accounting teams when interacting with crypto on the books, and detail how software solutions can effectively

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What Is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)? An In-Depth Guide


What Is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)? An In-Depth Guide Does the term “Computer Telephony Integration” ring a bell? If you are in the call center or contact center industry, you must have come across the term at least once. This blog post covers everything from what is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI for short), history and evolution of CTI, how CTI works, benefits of CTI, types of CTI, features of CTI, and how to handpick the right CTI.