Wed.Jun 12, 2024

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Enhancing Tech Adoption through Exceptional Design


Enhancing Tech Adoption through Exceptional Design by Ricardo Saltz Gulko The post Enhancing Tech Adoption through Exceptional Design appeared first on Eglobalis.

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From Complexity to Clarity: Navigating Customer Support with TeamSupport


Businesses often find themselves entangled in the web of complex customer interactions and inquiries. As companies scale, the intricacies of providing consistent, high-quality customer support can escalate swiftly. That's where TeamSupport steps in, turning complications into simplified processes. With a laser focus on efficiency and clarity, TeamSupport streamlines the customer service experience.


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How Much is Too Much? Navigating the Fine Line With AI-Driven Personalization

Customer Think

Generative AI (GenAI) has heralded a new era of personalized CX, but brands must be careful about where and how they use it. Too much personalization may feel intrusive to some, while too little can result in your brand missing opportunities to engage and connect with consumers.

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A new episode of Experience the Difference Podcast Series: with the amazing Irina Mostovaya


We are excited to share this week’s episode of Experience the Difference: The European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) Podcast Series with the amazing Irina Mostovaya , hosted by Christopher Brooks Listen to the full episode here: [link] ABout Irina, with over 8 years of experience in customer and employee experience management, Irina Mostovaya is a passionate professional who thrives on creating value for both internal and external stakeholders.

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SaaS Evolution: The Critical Role of Embedded Finance

Speaker: Ian Hillis, SVP of Growth at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms

Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Ian Hillis, SVP of Growth at Payrix and Worldpay for Platforms, where he’ll explore the significant impact of embedded finance on the software industry! This session is designed to provide you with the strategic insights needed to navigate the future of SaaS successfully, all while gaining a deeper understanding of how these trends can enhance your competitive edge, boost revenue, and deepen customer loyalty.

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[Research Round-Up] Insights From “The CMO Survey” and Nielsen’s Annual Marketing Report

Customer Think

(This month’s Research Round-Up discusses some of the major findings found in the Spring 2024 edition of “The CMO Survey” and a set of interesting perspectives from the “2024 Annual Marketing Report” by Nielsen.) Source: Christine Moorman Spring 2024 edition of “The CMO Survey” A survey of 292 marketing leaders at U.S.

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Top 5 Survey Distribution Methods to Maximize Response Rates


Creating surveys is only half the battle, the real challenge lies in gathering a high response rate. You could create the perfect survey with relevant questions but still fall short of obtaining feedback from your audience. Why? One of the primary reasons could be that your audience isn’t even aware of your survey. They might not use the channel through which you distributed it.

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How to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Contact Center Software


How to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Contact Center Software “What does the sales of an e-commerce company have to do with contact center software ?” If this question comes to your mind, then we would like to start the blog post with a famous real-life incident covered in a recent podcast. The guest, who is a highly skilled and experienced marketer and mentor of several successful content creators, asked the host, “There are hundreds of shoe companies in the world, why is Zappos one of the b

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160: Creating a Recruitment Experience

The DiJulius Group

Can the way you treat job candidates transform your organization’s success? In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John DiJulius and Dave Murray unpack The Employee Experience Revolution, emphasizing how a remarkable recruitment experience can set your company apart. Discover why it’s imperative to treat candidates as valued customers and how moving beyond the.

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From questions to conversions: The surprising impact of Q&A sections on e-commerce success

Customer Think

About 74% of online shoppers regularly read Q&A sections on a product detail page (PDP) before committing to a purchase. Why? Because Q&A responders aren’t just nameless, faceless reviewers — they’re real people who have been in your shoes, grappling with the same decision.

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OUR PASSION STATEMENT: First, we will be best for our customers. Then, we will be first among our competitors.  

Bill Quiseng

Mission statements don’t enthuse people to engage and WOW customers. Passion statements do. In the spirit of paying it forward, I offer you this OUR PASSION STATEMENT First, we will be best for our customers. Then we will be first among our competitors. Let’s not serve to satisfy our customers. Satisfied customers feel that their experience is good, not better, just average.

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How to Easily Navigate Crypto Accounting in the Web3 Era

Speaker: Aaron Jacob, VP of Accounting Solutions & Reagan Cook, GTM Lead

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities and challenges that come with crypto accounting? 🤔 This new webinar will cover everything businesses need to know to get started with crypto accounting after incorporating crypto into their business models! Industry experts Aaron Jacob and Reagan Cook of TaxBit will thoroughly explore the prevalent operational hurdles encountered by accounting teams when interacting with crypto on the books, and detail how software solutions can effectively