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How to improve customer satisfaction with concrete language

Inside Customer Service

Concrete language improves customer satisfaction and increases revenue. Grant Packard and Jonah Berger did two field studies on the effect of concrete language in customer service. The first study analyzed 200 customer service calls placed to an online apparel retailer. Concrete language does that well.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction by 20% with No-Code Customer Service Automation

Customer Think

In today’s fiercely competitive market, customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of successful businesses. With consumers demanding ever-higher standards of service, companies are constantly seeking ways to elevate their customer experience.


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The Impact of Generative AI Chatbots on Customer Satisfaction


In the dynamic landscape of today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are in a perpetual pursuit of cutting-edge solutions to elevate customer satisfaction. One technological innovation that has emerged as a pivotal player in revolutionizing customer service is Generative AI-powered Chatbots.

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The AI agent revolution: Changing the dynamics of customer service

Adrian Swinscoe

Quality customer service holds immense importance for businesses, impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty significantly. In […] The post The AI agent revolution: Changing the dynamics of customer service first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe. This is a guest post by Jeanicka Rhey, a content writer.

AI 147
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Reimagining CX: How to Implement Effective AI-Driven Transformations

Speaker: Steve Pappas, Chief Strategist, Startup and Early Stage Growth Advisor, Keynote Speaker, CX Podcaster

This webinar with CX master Steve Pappas will unravel how conversational AI is transforming business-customer interactions and contact center operations globally. Through actual case studies, Steve will analyze companies that have harnessed the potential of AI-driven conversations to transcend CX boundaries. Don't miss this exclusive event!

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Customer Satisfaction


The Customer Satisfaction app makes it easy to send simple engaging satisfaction surveys to customers across all communication channels (e.g. a survey question after a conversation, such as: “How well did our customer service representative answer your question or solve your problem?”).

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Customer Satisfaction Continues Declining

Beyond Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction is Declining in the UK! A new report by the Institute of Customer Service indicates that Customer Satisfaction is declining in the UK. Earlier this year reports from both Nunwood and Forrester, two firms entrenched in the Customer Experience movement, presented similar sentiments.