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Fine Research: Leveraging Research for the Greater Good


For example, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and the more recent Central Mexico earthquake have caused widespread and catastrophic damage, and thousands of deaths.

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Customer Obsession Lies in the Details

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I experienced this firsthand during a vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My husband and I dropped in for a four-day vacation in the island of enchantment and it was easy to see where Puerto Rico got its nickname. It's often the details that elevate a customer experience from average to impressive.


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What is an MGA in Insurance?


What are the advantages of becoming an MGA? Knowledge – Most MGAs have years of experience working within the insurance industry.

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How to Deliver a Customer-Friendly Vaccination Experience with Messaging

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Everyone over age 16 in the United States as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia is now eligible for a coronavirus vaccine. Yet for many, the vaccination experience journey is still broken and confusing.

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The 100 Best Trivia Questions with Answers


Answer- Puerto Rico Trench. Answer- Namibia. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are located approximately 50 km south of which Arab Capital? Answer- Baghdad. What is the second deepest depth in the world? Which country is known as the “Hashemite Kingdom”? Answer- Jordan. What is the capital city of Mauritania?

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Crate & Barrel on experience gaps: why they occur and how to close them


On the X4 Summit main stage, Sir Richard Branson told the story of how he started Virgin Atlantic after his flight to Puerto Rico was canceled. Once they did that, their minds were freed up to think about what would frustrate a customer and what needed to be fixed. Pay attention to personal frustrations.

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Customer Experience author Elizabeth Dixon on the CX that makes an impact


So you have this combination of public speaking and entrepreneurship and the Exercise Science field, which led me to a company called Chick-fil-A, which used to be predominantly in the Southeast, but now we’ve expanded to Canada and Puerto Rico. I’ve been there for almost 20 years now.