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Speaking Tours in Georgia and Azerbaijan

Service Quality Institute

I just returned from speaking tours in Tbilisi, Georgia and Baku, Azerbaijan. Georgia is on the Black Sea right beneath Russia, and next to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The government of Georgia and their Tourism Administration invited me to do a seminar on customer service for several hundred key leaders in tourism.

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Sales Development Representative


The position is based out of our offices in Alpharetta, Georgia. The sales development representative will be responsible for scheduling appointments – creating opportunities for our strategic sales executives to meet with prospective clients. That said, we’re open to working with the right candidate regardless of location or time zone.

Sales 246

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How do we move the call to closure when we can’t give the customer what they’re asking?

Myra Golden Media

Questions came in from Idaho, Germany, North Carolina, Georgia, the UK, and Denver. . Yesterday I held a live Q & A on YouTube, and it was engaging, educational, and energizing!

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American Universities Acceptance Rate – Ivy League & Below


School Acceptance Rate American University 40.63% Amherst College 7.00% Babson College 22.00% Barnard College 9.00% Bates College 13.70% Boston College 16.66% Bowdoin College 9.13% Brown University 5.05% Bucknell University 32.56% Carleton College 16.63% Carnegie Mellon University 11.30% Colgate University 12.34% Colorado College 11.6%

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In The News: 3 Stories That Give Insight to Improving Your Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

As a swing state, Georgia politics have been a hotbed of activity and turmoil in the past few years. For example, Delta was drawn into the kerfuffle over the recently passed Georgia voting laws, which the opposition said restricted in some ways the ability for people to vote. . < < [link] > Josephs, Leslie. 22 May 2021.

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Are Your Employees Empowered?

Service Quality Institute

In Georgia it is Palitra. All front-line employees must be trained in customer service and empowered to take care of a customer to the customers satisfaction. SQI has a book on Empowerment in English, Spanish, Russian and Georgian. Online only $9.99 and in print $19.95. In Russia Alpina is the publisher.

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The best call center location for 2023


The best call center isn’t in Georgia – neither the state nor the country. Where is the best place to look for call centers this year? The best call center isn’t in India. The best call center isn’t in the Philippines. You see, the best call center isn’t in a specific geographic location.