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Guest Post: How To Get Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Teams On The Same Page

Shep Hyken

He shares how to get your customer service, sales, and marketing teams in sync. One of the most overlooked struggles for any business’s customer experience is getting every team on the same page. . But we found a simple solution that made everything work together and actually improved customer satisfaction. .

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Aligning sales and customer service: How and why


Sales and customer service should be a natural fit. Both teams work to create successful customer interactions and move the company forward. Because sales and customer service (CS) teams are focused on different metrics, they rarely interact with each other. Why the misalignment?


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The New Tech Experience: Innovation, Optimization, and Collaboration

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Uniphore Collaborates with Cisco to Enable Better Customer Experiences


Through Cisco’s SolutionsPlus Program, Cisco’s customers and channel partners can purchase Uniphore’s conversational automation products to enable more efficient, frictionless and secure conversations between customer service agents and customers.

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How Can Customer Service Agents Help Upsell and Cross-sell? 3 Techniques and Tips


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