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Customer Sentiment Analysis: Unlocking the Intent Behind Feedback

Zonka Feedback

Introducing customer sentiment analysis - a window into the innermost thoughts of the customer. But what exactly, is sentiment analysis, and more importantly, how it can boost customer experiences? TL;DR Customer sentiment analysis enables businesses to understand their customer's thoughts.

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How customer sentiment analysis improves the customer experience


In this article, we’ll explore how customer sentiment analysis helps boost the customer experience by elevating the second piece—VOC. You’ll come away knowing everything you need to get started with customer sentiment analysis and to provide an excellent experience for your customers.


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Sentiment Analysis—The Future of Customer Service


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every CRM provider, and we constantly look for new opportunities to achieve it. Our society experiences an empathy deficit due to cultural and environmental factors, so introducing sentiment analysis software to register positive and negative feelings might be the new challenge.

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Phrase Based Models for Customer Service QA Automation and Agent Training


This is a powerful customer service technology in multiple ways. In customer service, NLP has been used alongside machine learning (and a multitude of other AI focused processes) to automate aspects of voice and text based service. Sentiment Analysis. The Power of NLP. New to CSAT.AI? Conclusion.

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Sentiment arc: a better alternative to customer surveys

Inside Customer Service

A customer calls your company for service. The survey is intended to evaluate overall customer service and the individual rep's performance. The anonymous data revealed some surprising conclusions about how customers really feel about the service they receive, and what the best reps do to achieve better outcomes.

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Why Sentiment Analysis Matters to B2B Customer Service


A compact label for this type of refined communication is customer sentiment. As more customer service software solutions are placing an emphasis on sentiment, it should come as no surprise that companies are looking to leverage this “hidden code” in communication to work smarter and more efficiently.

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Automation: What’s Missing in Your Customer Service Strategy


In regard to customer service it’s using technologies instead of people to accomplish both customer facing and back end tasks. Customers are leaning into automation according to McKinsey research. What Are You Missing in Automation for Customer Service? Automation has many benefits but also challenges.